An up and down kind of month…

Once again I have been quiet this month I know… but there really hasn’t been that much to say. I tried to start writing a story this morning but it really wasn’t working, so I abandoned it. I might try again tomorrow or sometime this week maybe, but I don’t know. This is usually a hard week workwise so there’s a good chance that I won’t be writing anything, fortunately we have a week off coming in a couple of weeks so hopefully I will find time to do some creative stuff. I would really like to write something (my last story was last August or something stupid) and start writing music again. I also have a plan to paint something, but whether that will come to anything I don’t know…

We had some not so good times at the start of this month, but thankfully that’s behind us now, and this weekend has been pretty good. Mistress R has had two very hard orgasms this weekend, today’s was particularly impressive, I must say. Wow! They don’t happen like that too often. 🙂

Mistress rewarded me with some lovely teasing, which progressed to her riding me (while I struggled not to cum) and then she pulled me on top of her, and turned over onto her side before sliding my cock into her wet pussy. I knew I wasn’t going to last long and I wasn’t even going to try looking at her gorgeous ass because that would’ve been the end of that.

After a fairly short time I warned Mistress that I was getting close, and she told me to keep going and cum inside her. I fucked her as hard as I could and pumped her full of cum. Mistress lay on her back and I moved between her legs to lick her pussy clean, teasing her clit as I did so. Then she got up on her knees and I slid underneath her and licked her pussy some more, but most of my cum was still deep inside her pussy.

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