It’s the end of our chastity year…


Well today is the last day of our fifth year of full time chastity, and it ended with a lovely orgasm for Mistress R, followed by some lovely teasing for me and some very hot ass worship too (which was very, very hot indeed!).

So I thought I would just quickly make a graph to illustrate Mistress and I’s respective orgasms over the last five years. This year has been a record low for Mistress, with just 108 orgasms in the last 12 months, whereas I am slightly up on last year with 18. Ruined orgasms have been few and far between though, just 3 this year compared to 5 last year (and 6 the year before)…


Still, I guess while 108 doesn’t seem a lot for Mistress (24 down on 2013-14) that’s still more orgasms than I’ve had in five years. Mistress is currently sitting on a total of 594 over the last 5 years, versus my total of 98.

For the coming year I would love for Mistress to get back above 120, so that she averages 10 a month, and I would love for that blue line to be higher than the green one this time next year. That would be real progress I think!

3 thoughts on “It’s the end of our chastity year…

  1. Great graphic display!
    You’ve got to get Mistress back up there!
    Looks like ruined o’s are gaining over time.

  2. Looked like the year had a good ending for you both. Did you ever have that conversation with Mistress about intentions for the next 5 years, or just let it drift into maintaining the status quo?

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