Starting as we mean to go on…???

It amazes me how many views my blog continues to get even when I fail to post for nine days. Thankfully, I now have something to post about. And since I’ve been so lax of late I kinda feel like this should be a decent post.

So, first of all the last week or two hasn’t been the greatest. For one reason or another I really haven’t been feeling ‘horny’ at all. A tell tale sign being no morning wood, which is very unusual for me, and most disconcerting. This may be partly because I got out of the habit of doing my ‘mobility’ exercises and my regular walking, and also more likely I have an infection which I am now half way through a course of antibiotics for.

Thankfully the last two mornings I have been back to my old self, which is awesome. As I say I’m half way through the medicine and also I’ve done exercise every day this month (and yesterday I did three, yes three walks! – insane!). Over the last 15 years I’ve endured a lot of physical pain (back, leg, foot) culminating in a major operation in 2007, but none of that bothers me like ED. Thankfully this hasn’t been a major problem this time, it just took me a longer than usual amount of time to get going. And now it seems to be sorted anyway.

This afternoon Mistress had her third orgasm since the start of our new chastity year, which is a reasonable start. It probably would have been four if I hadn’t had a stomach ache on Thursday night. And afterwards we cuddled up and started to kiss. Unlike last week, my cock started to harden straight away and in no time at all Mistress was sucking and stroking my rock hard cock.

It felt fucking awesome to be so hard so quick, and it was clear Mistress was enjoying herself too. πŸ™‚ I teased her ass with my fingertips as she stroked and sucked and wondered if she might allow me to tongue her ass again. Mistress started stroking harder and faster and I could feel the pleasure building to an edge, before Mistress slowed down again. Then, before I could ask for permission to worship her gorgeous asshole, she got up on her knees and straddled me, sinking down onto my aching cock. It felt incredible being inside her super-tight pussy, and it wasn’t long before I was struggling to hold back from shooting inside her.

Any thoughts of begging for her to remove her bra were quickly banished as the last things I needed to see right then were Mistress’s gorgeous breasts. Mistress was plainly smirking at me as she watched me struggle, which only made it worse. I could feel my lips trembling as I bit the lower one and before too long I had to warn Mistress off.

“I’m getting close Mistress,” I said.

Mistress slipped off of me and knelt beside me.

“It’s time to stop then…” she said, before adding “…or is it?”

She lightly grasped my cock and settled down to stroking me again, again I reached the edge and I thought this would be the end. Mistress let go for a short time and then started stroking me again, this was so feeling fantastic and just what I needed to restore my faith in my previously lethargic cock. I really love it when Mistress edges me, stops and edges me again… so fucking awesome!

She started stroking faster and I warned her of yet another edge, this time she continued stroking and told me to cum, but just as I started to orgasm Mistress let go and then softly stroked the underside of my straining cock with her fingertips. It was one of the ‘best’ ruined orgasms I’ve had, leaving me completely frustrated as I leaked out a huge puddle of cum. I’m sure being edged a few times before being allowed to ‘cum’ made it so much better, the pressure was really built up and made it so much more awesomely frustrating…. πŸ™‚

With Mistress thoroughly satisfied and me completely ruined I can’t think of a better start to our sixth year of full-time chastity, and I think it’s a given now that Mistress will get to her 600th orgasm way before I got to my 100th. Which gives us more than a 6-1 ratio for the first five years, which is pretty good, and interestingly our last chastity year also had the exact same ratio. The previous year was 8.3-1, so there’s work to be done there! Hopefully Mistress will use her amazing ruining technique to good effect this year and will feel less inclined to let me cum properly.

There two other things that I was going to write about, but one of them has completely gone out of my head. However, the other one… is still clear in my mind’s eye.

You know how you get blase about stuff, and feel like you’ve seen it all before? Well, tumblr (of course) is the place to see stuff you never knew you hadn’t seen, and today was no exception. I was browsing my tumblr feed when I saw a clip of a guy, how can I say this… well there’s no way to say it other than to say it… pushing his balls into a girl’s ass.

I mean… I get why you’d want to stick your cock in a girl’s ass, but it had never occurred to me to even contemplate tying my balls and shoving them into a girl’s ass. I mean, who thinks of these things? Anyway, if you want to see a guy shoving his balls into a pretty girl’s asshole, then by all means visit my tumblr feed, because I felt utterly compelled to repost it. πŸ™‚

Well I still can’t think what the other thing was, maybe it will come to me later.

4 thoughts on “Starting as we mean to go on…???

  1. Sounds like your Mistress has the art of the ruined orgasm figured out. It’s much more sweetly agonizing to the male after a few proper edges. It doesn’t have all the fireworks of a full blown O but can be richly satisfying if brought along slowly and steadily. I’m curious if you count your ruined orgasms in the overall count for you and Mistress….


    • Hi Sublove
      Yes, I definitely think the edges make the ruined O better. I do count them, but separately, so if you look to the top right of this page you’ll see Mistress R’s orgasms, my orgasms and then my ruined orgasms.

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