FEMDOM SESSION: 29th May 2016…

As I mentioned a couple of posts back, I have been suffering a bit of ED lately… along with a degree of detachment, or lack of sensitivity. This most likely stems from an operation I had years ago where the nerves in my back were damaged. When I am tired or run down, or ill I get a sensation of numbness or ‘detachment’ in my legs and groin. In my legs it’s annoying but in my groin it affects my ability to get and stay hard.

The last week I have been massively tired, for no apparent reason. Although I did start back on the Slimming World diet last Monday and I can’t help wondering if that hasn’t contributed, a drastic reduction in calories and carbs could affect my energy levels for sure. I also have been a bit lax when it comes to my mobility exercises too. It’s one of those things that you know do you a lot of good, but they are a bit tedious to do every day, and over time they just get neglected and then your body starts creaking again.

The diet has started very well though, I’ve lost about a pound a day so far, though my official weigh in is tomorrow morning so we’ll see what happens there. I’ve saved a lot of Syns for the weekend, so there’s a chance it could go backwards tomorrow but I’m still hopeful of a six pound first week loss.

Over the last couple of weeks my teasing has been a bit hit and miss, I kinda take the view that if I don’t think it’s going to go well then I would rather skip it, because getting half hard when you are being teased is a bit depressing and over the years I’ve learned that while it’s true that sometimes I do have a physical problem, at least some of the problem is in my head and perpetuating the cycle of worry and failure is not easily broken. It’s also been very random, like some mornings I will wake up absolutely rock hard and I think it’s sorted and then the next day it’s back again.

Needless to say I am making sure I do my mobility exercises everyday now and losing weight should help too, since it will make me feel more positive about myself. It frustrates me massively that I have such a fit, gorgeous wife and that I am so overweight. It seems very unfair to her and I really do want to get myself down to a reasonable weight as soon as possible.

Anyway, so that is a bit of background to the session. As you can probably imagine I was a bit hesitant about it because I don’t have 100% confidence that I would get hard or stay hard. I knew that I would probably be wearing a cock ring for the first half of the session though, so that gave me a good start.

Before the session Mistress told me to fit my wrist and ankle restraints but left it up to me to choose what else to start the session with. I had a choice of a simple rubber cock ring, the Oxballs Cocksling or the Oxballs Ballstretcher. Then there was the glass dildo/butt plug with the ring on it, the rubber butt plug, or the glass buttplug that’s just a little too large to be immediately comfortable. I decided to go for the simple rubber cockring and the glass dildo/buttplug in the end and also the blindfold. I thought about putting the pegs on my nipples too, but forgot about it…

When Mistress entered the room she found me on my knees as usual with the blindfold and other items in place. She came up to me and asked if I could guess what she was wearing. She rubbed the material and I could hear that it was PVC and guessed it was my favourite outfit with the cupless bra. Mistress congratulated me on guessing correctly and used her foot to tease my cock before having me get on all fours.

In my notes to Mistress before the session I told her that I had touched my cock without permission several times, but that it was not because I was sneakily ‘enjoying’ myself, but rather seeking reassurance that my cock was able to get hard when I wanted it to. Mistress said she understood my motives but that I still needed to be punished.

Mistress started with the whip, which was very stingy, before moving on to the paddle (which was a lot worse!). The felt side is okay but the leather side bloody smarts! One of the last smacks with the paddle hit right in the centre of my ass and gave the ring of the butt plug a nudge, but I was too busy dealing with the pain from the paddle to really notice.

Thankfully, once Mistress was satisfied, she had me turn towards the bed and suck on her glass dildo for her, getting it nice and wet for her pussy. Then she told me to worship her feet as she lay back and described to me how she was using it on herself. She said that I probably wished I hadn’t worn the blindfold now, although we both know that even if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have been allowed to look up and watch her. I would have been able to look at her gorgeous feet though, so that was a pity… I definitely missed being able to look at her feet as I was kissing them.

I was allowed to lick and suck her dildo clean a couple of times in between a fairly long period of foot worship, before Mistress decided to have me lay on the bed. I had to remove and retie the bondage ties to the bed when we had our mattress delivered and somehow one of them was a bit short so my right leg wasn’t really in an ideal place, but I moved over a bit and hoped that it wouldn’t end up giving me a cramp (it didn’t, fortunately).

Having secured me to the bed, Mistress immediately stood over me and removed my blindfold, allowing me to look up at her in my favourite outfit. She looked magnificent, I really love the way her breasts look from below when she is wearing that and I really hoped my cock would behave itself, because I really wanted to see Mistress riding my cock today.

Mistress slid the glass dildo back into her pussy and gave me a good view for a little while before having me suck it clean once again. She said, “You love being made to suck that cock clean after it’s been inside me, don’t you.” Ooooooooooooooh yes.

Mistress turned around, leaned forward and started stroking my cock with her right hand, using her left hand to expose her ass to me, while teasing me about how bad I wanted to lick it. Thankfully my cock started to harden and as the cockring started to come into play I felt my cock get nice and hard. Then Mistress sank down onto my face and I eagerly licked her delicious pussy, I really love having her right on top of me like that and I could feel my cock getting harder still.

Mistress settled down next to me and started whipping my cock with the cock whip, before stroking me and licking the tip of my cock. Soon she was back riding my face and for the next while she alternated between stroking and slapping my cock, riding my face and sliding her wet pussy down onto my throbbing cock. It felt absolutely incredible being inside her and I couldn’t help thrusting up inside her (she didn’t seem to mind!).

As Mistress was kneeling next to me and stroking my cock I looked down and watched her lean forward and lick the tip of my cock and then suck the head into her mouth. I very rarely get to see this because Mistress usually leans over me when she teases me and blocks my view – but that position does mean I get to touch her ass so I don’t mind too much. It was really hot watching her sucking my cock, especially with her breasts on display (and not covered up with a bra for once!).

I said, “I really wish I could cum in your mouth right now.”

I don’t know why I said that really, well… I do, because I really wished I could! But the chances of that are extremely low, I think the last time I came in Mistress’s mouth was 2011-2012.

She continued stroking my cock and said, “If I asked you now where you wanted to cum the most, would that be where you would choose?”

Okay, I wasn’t expecting that…

“I don’t know Mistress.” I replied, thinking yes, but then what about all the other places on Mistress’s gorgeous body that I would love to shoot my 37 day load.

“Well I’m going to ask you again later, and you better have an answer ready.”

With that Mistress got off the bed and snapped the pegs on my nipples and told me to spend the next few minutes thinking about what my answer was going to be.

After she had left the room I started thinking what I would say. Of course I would love to cum in her mouth, it has been so long since I was allowed to do that. But I knew the chances of that were slim to non-existent. I love cumming on her pretty feet, but it wasn’t that long ago I got to do that (although I waited years for the chance and would love to do it again), and her breasts were an obvious choice, as was her ass of course. It’s been a while since I got to lick my cum off her sexy ass and from between her cheeks….

But also I would love to cum on her pussy and lick that clean too. Of course I would love to cum inside her too, but that happens several times a year so it’s not something I would choose over something which hardly ever happens. I don’t think I’ve ever cum on her pussy, at least not intentionally, I’ve probably slipped out at the critical moment, but not in recent memory.

When Mistress returned she removed the pegs (Ouch. Ouch.) then told me to remove my cock ring. I wondered if she had forgotten about the butt plug, I pretty much had as it was so comfortable now after about 40 minutes inside me. Mistress untied me and then had me turn over and get up on my hands and knees. I didn’t know what was coming next and I half expected her to slip the RodeOh panties on and fuck me from behind, but somehow I didn’t really think that was on the cards today.

Earlier in the session, when I guessed what Mistress was wearing she told me that it was a pity I had guessed correctly as she couldn’t punish me for getting it wrong, but she said ‘something else might come up, or she could just chose to spank me because she could’. I had forgotten all about this to be honest, and then I felt the felt side of the paddle on my ass again. I started to count and say ‘Thank you Mistress’ as normal but the blows were coming too fast so I stopped.

After the fourth strike Mistress asked me why I wasn’t counting and switched to the leather side of the paddle. I started counting then and Mistress started playing with the ring sticking out of my ass between swipes. Then she pulled the dildo out, and fucked me fairly slowly for a little while. She asked me if it felt good having my ass fucked and I told her it did. It’s more relaxed and ‘enjoyable’ than the strap-on usually is (although sometimes the strap on feels great), but a lot less intense. It still makes you feel quite submissive, but not as much as the strap on, obviously. And certainly not as submissive as kneeling in front of your Mistress and sucking her cock… that is quite something.

I really loved that Mistress didn’t try and justify why she was spanking me again, of course there is no need to, if she wants to then she is at liberty to do so and I ‘enjoyed’ (although that’s probably not the word I would have used at the time) getting punished well into the session instead of just at the start as usual.

Mistress discarded the buttplug and told me to kneel back up, then slid onto the bed in front of me and spread her gorgeous thighs. Mistress told me that it was time for me to lick her pussy and to make her cum and I eased down between her silky smooth thighs and kissed them gently before moving towards her delicious pussy.

Mistress was really turned on (which I’m sure had absolutely nothing to do with the paddling she had just given my backside!) and I knew making her cum was not going to be any sort of problem. She tasted absolutely gorgeous and I was really, really loving licking her pussy so much. After a while I used a finger to tease her pussy while I continued to lick her clit and after a while Mistress bucked hard as she came. I fucking love making her cum like that, it was sooooo good to feel her cumming so hard. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Mistress pushed me back and then stood on the bed and bent over, instructing me to lick her clean. Unusually there wasn’t rivers of pussy juice to clean off of the backs of Mistress’s awesome legs, but there was a fair amount between her cheeks. I tried to lick it as best I could, until Mistress warned me not to lick her ass without permission. I licked the sheet and my fingers clean and then Mistress told me to lay on my back again.

Standing over me again, Mistress stroked my cock until it was nice and hard again (even without the cockring – hurrah) and then asked me if I had decided what my answer was to the question she posed earlier. In the end I had decided to stick to my guns. I knew it was a long shot, but what if today was the day Mistress decided to allow me to cum in her mouth and then kiss me. If I had said something else I would have kicked myself after, so I went with it.

Mistress didn’t say anything much to that, but kept stroking my cock harder and faster. Then she used her hand to expose her ass to me and asked if I wanted to worship it. Looking up at her beautiful asshole my cock felt really hard and I wanted so much to lick it.

“What if you had to choose between being allowed to cum, although not necessarily where you said… or being allowed to worship my ass, which would you choose then?”

Knowing my choice was a long shot at the very best, and given her choice of words, there was no doubt in my mind.

“I would choose to worship your gorgeous ass Mistress.”

“Even if it meant you might not be allowed to cum for quite a long time?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Mistress allowed me to tongue her delicious ass three times, after making me beg each time and stroking my cock hard throughout. After more begging she allowed me to tongue her pink hole once more and then gave my cock a few more hard and fast strokes before letting go and calling an end to the session. I was literally about three strokes from having to warn her I was close and was convinced she was going to ruin me again… but alas no.

As Mistress said afterwards, there really is no better way of spending a Bank Holiday weekend.

Catching up… (great post on Sub Hub’s blog)

Mistress and I had our Femdom session this morning, and hopefully I will get to post about that later on. In the meantime, here is an excellent post I just read on Sub Hub in Phoenix’s site. One thing I really, really miss about the old Blog is that I can’t seem to work out how to have the blogs I follow list ‘active’, so I forget to look at them for ages, whereas in the old days I would be alerted every time there was a new post. It seems it is possible to do this, I just can’t seem to work it out.

Anyway, here’s the post…



It’s just occurred to me that I really don’t get any emails from my readers any more, and of course the reason for this is that I haven’t put my email address on this blog. So if you would like to contact me, you can contact me here – pe.rob.666@gmail.com. I welcome questions, comments, opinions, useful criticism… whatever you care to send me really.

The Urban Gentry…

I don’t know if any of you are into watches, but I really am, and recently I started watching a video blog on youtube called ‘The Urban Gentry’. It’s primarily about watches, but there are some other elements to it, appreciation of art and… well it’s hard to explain really… on occasions it harks back to the old days of decorum and gentlemanliness… I don’t know, you’d really have to watch a few of the videos to understand, but something about these videos really clicked with me and snapped me into a real positive frame of mind.

So the first thing is that I am back on the Slimming World diet. I’m not going to the meetings because they are fucking boring and all that will happen is I’ll end up going just to get weighed and I’m not paying someone £5 a week to weigh me.

Secondly, I just feel like I want to be pro-active around the house and make everything as nice as possible. I mean we are very lucky to have a nice house anyway, it’s pretty small, but there’s only two of us. But even the nicest house still has niggly things. So on Sunday morning I re-stained the front fence, and today I bought some paint for the garage door. We also want to get a new sofa and some more new carpets. There’s a bunch of other stuff that I’ve got lined up to do at the weekend as well.

So, I’m feeling kind of positive right now, two days in to my diet… and this evening Mistress gave me some lovely teasing. Unusually, Mistress decided she wanted to tease me before I made her cum, and it was really really good. I so love it when Mistress kisses me and her mouth tastes of my cock, and that just made my cock even harder than it was anyway.

I wasn’t allowed to cum, or ruin, and by the end my cock was really throbbing. After that I was eager to taste Mistress’s gorgeous pussy and make her cum, which I did. 🙂

Crush em…

I think I mentioned this before, but for some reason it’s popped back into my head. I saw this device and really liked the idea of it, but never got around to buying it, partly because it’s not cheap. Part of me thinks it should be easy to make something to do the same job, but at the same time it would probably be a lot less hassle to buy one.


Maybe Uberkinky would send me one to test?

I woke up nice and hard this morning, which hasn’t been happening regularly enough for my liking. Fortunately Mistress took advantage and spent a while stroking my cock. I asked her to squeeze my balls but her (very long) nails seem to dig in me and cause far more sensation than the actual squeezing, so that’s why I thought about this toy again.

I think it might be easier for Mistress to apply more pressure with this, and I can imagine it would be a nice tool for our Femdom sessions.


Today we had a couple of rooms carpeted, which meant that last night was spent emptying those two rooms (which took about 3 hours!), it also meant that I had to take our bed down and so we slept on the mattress on the floor. It was fine actually, but the thing I liked the most about it was that when Mistress got up this morning I was looking up at her from the floor, and in my opinion Mistress looks particularly fine when viewed from below.

Of course, Mistress looks great from every angle, but this was definitely very agreeable, and reminded me of our Femdom sessions where Mistress often stands over me. I would certainly have loved for Mistress to stand over me and lower her delicious pussy onto my face, but sadly it didn’t happen…

This evening has been spent putting everything back, which took just as long, but at least we’ve pretty much finished and so we can enjoy the weekend ahead.

I had a dream…

I had an odd dream last night. I can’t remember all of it, but I remember the end of it. I was stroking my cock and then had a ruined orgasm and then I used my fingers to clean up the cum and licked them clean. It was so real I could taste it. Wonder what it means?

Can’t help but hope that Mistress ruins me tonight and feeds me my cum again. 🙂


What a great weekend this has been…

Well this has turned out to be a GREAT weekend. Yesterday was really good (see previous post) and today has been just as good. Mistress and I woke up reasonably late (thanks to the new roller blind in the bathroom keeping the light out), but that meant that our morning walk was a little on the warm side… still we came home and chilled a bit, before consuming another episode of the Bachelorette (Season 11).

Mistress and I are somewhat obsessed with this TV show and The Bachelor. And season eleven of The Bachelorette is the best yet. It’s a total car crash, with the Bachelorette making the slight mistake of sleeping with one of the contestants way before it was acceptable and then stressing herself out over it. Add to this the suitors seemingly leaving of their own accord left right and centre, it’s a crazy series and Mistress and I are hooked. 🙂

After that we decided to spend our Sunday afternoon the best way anyone can, and so we headed to the bedroom…. I felt so happy going down on Mistress for the second day in a row and straight away it felt like it was going better than Saturday (which was great, still) and I felt very confident that Mistress would be cumming this time, yesterday didn’t seem quite such a certainty to me, but it worked out in the end, whereas today just seemed to go ‘better’ straight away.

We were both pretty hot and I spent some time afterwards kissing Mistress’s beautiful feet. One thing I do like about the warm weather (and there isn’t much) is that Mistress has had bare feet all day. It’s very distracting, but I like it! 🙂

We opened a window to let some cool air in and Mistress started kissing me and stroking my cock. She had me hard and started stroking and sucking my cock so nicely. She added a few tasty ball slaps into the mix while I teased her asshole with my fingers, she was slick with her pussy juices and I desperately wanted to tongue her ass.

I told Mistress how I was feeling and she told me that she would allow me to worship her ass for a little while, but that would be the end of my teasing. She straddled my head and sank down onto my eager tongue, stroking my rock-hard cock fast and hard. After a little while my cock was getting so close that I was fighting it off because I knew that the second I told Mistress I was close that she would stop and get off me, and I really didn’t want her to get off me.

I probably pushed it closer than was really safe, and just as I was about to admit defeat and warn Mistress I was getting close she lifted off and told me that was the end of my teasing. I told Mistress how close I was and she smiled and said ‘I could tell’.

After that we lay on the bed for a while and then watched another episode of The Bachelorette, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we don’t watch another one before bedtime!

Tumblr art…


I came across this piece of art on my Tumblr feed yesterday (just above the guy getting has nuts hit with a rubber hammer and just below the guy hanging from the ceiling by his balls…. seriously, Tumblr is a fucked up place). I really liked it and suggested to Mistress that I might get a canvas and try and copy this for our bedroom wall.

The other option was this (below) but Mistress didn’t like it as much, it’s still pretty cool though, I think. No idea who the artists are, but they’re both pretty damned good.



A crazy day…

It’s been a crazy day here today. First thing we went to pick up Mistress’s new car, which was fun. Then we came back and it was really hot, and consequently this afternoon there was a huge thunderstorm while I was trying to cut the lawn! This went on for 1.1/2 hours or so and there was some unbelievable amount of rain coming down.

On top of this I was trying to put up a roller blind and those things drive me fucking crazy. The instructions always say ‘measure the window aperture and then take 20mm off that and cut the blind to length’. Well, you know damned well that that is going to be a pack of bullshit, but you’re scared of cutting too much off and ruining the damned thing, so you do as you’re told and of course it’s nowhere near fitting. So you trim and cut again and again until it finally, actually does fit. It looks great now, I just wish it didn’t take so long to get it right!

Still, after that things took a turn for the better. Mistress and I went to bed about 8 and while I was kissing the insides of Mistress R’s sexy thighs, she reached down and pushed her finger in my mouth. Then she started playing with her pussy, right in front of my face. This I find incredibly hot (remember this post), partly because well, who doesn’t like watching a supersexy woman masturbating? And also, of course, because I love the fact that she can touch herself whenever she wants and I can’t. Which makes it even hotter!

Eventually, Mistress had a lovely orgasm on my tongue. It was still very warm, which made it a bit less comfortable than it might have been, but it was still great. After Mistress had cum she started kissing me and stroking my cock, and then she surprised me by straddling me pretty much as soon as she had got me hard. Not that I was complaining!

Because of something I said the other day I assumed Mistress was going to let me cum inside her and then have me lick her pussy clean. I genuinely thought that was going to happen, but no…

Mistress was wearing a vest top and her bra, and as she rode me I begged to be allowed to see her gorgeous breasts. After begging sufficiently, Mistress pulled her vest top up and then pushed her bra down to reveal her beautiful breasts. She looked so HOT like this, kinda dressed but not… and also it reminded me of sometimes you see photos of women in Fetish type gear where their breasts are ‘framed’ in a similar way. I’ve just tried to find a picture to illustrate, but I can’t… but think ‘Gym Porn’ (but don’t actually Google ‘Gym Porn’ unless you want to see a load of musclebound dudes buttfucking each other!). I thought it was super-hot anyway. Mistress I mean, not the musclebound dudes buttfucking each other!

Like I said, I was anticipating being allowed to cum inside Mistress, so I was kind of surprised when she lifted off me and knelt next to me and started stroking my cock. I kept getting just to the point where I needed to tell her I was getting too close, and then she would back off a little and keep me not quite there for long enough that I could carry on again. Then it became clear that she was going to let me cum, as she started stroking harder and faster…

I told her that I was close, and I was very close, if she had let go and told me that I wasn’t going to be coming I’m not sure I would have been able to hold back, it was that ‘close’. Instead Mistress said ‘We’d better let you cum then’, and then stroked my cock just enough until I started to cum. As soon as I started to cum Mistress immediately loosened her grip and ruined my orgasm.

My poor cock was straining like hell trying to push all the cum out and I was left massively frustrated as I watched my cock pulse and ache as it expelled copious amounts of cum while denying me the pleasure of a full orgasm. What made it totally awesome though, totally fucking awesomely awesome in fact, was the huge grin on Mistress’s face as she watched the cum dribble from my poor throbbing cock. That was truly awesome to see, and I commented on it afterwards to her.

She said, “You love it when I’m mean to you, don’t you.”

Yes I do, and even more than that I enjoy it when she enjoys being mean to me. I know Mistress ‘enjoys’ whipping and paddling my ass, because her pussy is always really wet afterwards. And it seems she’s now starting to really get on side with being mean to me by ruining orgasms too, which makes me feel very happy indeed!

So that means, this chastity year so far I have had two ruined orgasms and one proper orgasm, I hope that ratio is maintained (or bettered!) for the year, as that would be a huge step in the right direction for us. Fingers crossed! 🙂