A crazy day…

It’s been a crazy day here today. First thing we went to pick up Mistress’s new car, which was fun. Then we came back and it was really hot, and consequently this afternoon there was a huge thunderstorm while I was trying to cut the lawn! This went on for 1.1/2 hours or so and there was some unbelievable amount of rain coming down.

On top of this I was trying to put up a roller blind and those things drive me fucking crazy. The instructions always say ‘measure the window aperture and then take 20mm off that and cut the blind to length’. Well, you know damned well that that is going to be a pack of bullshit, but you’re scared of cutting too much off and ruining the damned thing, so you do as you’re told and of course it’s nowhere near fitting. So you trim and cut again and again until it finally, actually does fit. It looks great now, I just wish it didn’t take so long to get it right!

Still, after that things took a turn for the better. Mistress and I went to bed about 8 and while I was kissing the insides of Mistress R’s sexy thighs, she reached down and pushed her finger in my mouth. Then she started playing with her pussy, right in front of my face. This I find incredibly hot (remember this post), partly because well, who doesn’t like watching a supersexy woman masturbating? And also, of course, because I love the fact that she can touch herself whenever she wants and I can’t. Which makes it even hotter!

Eventually, Mistress had a lovely orgasm on my tongue. It was still very warm, which made it a bit less comfortable than it might have been, but it was still great. After Mistress had cum she started kissing me and stroking my cock, and then she surprised me by straddling me pretty much as soon as she had got me hard. Not that I was complaining!

Because of something I said the other day I assumed Mistress was going to let me cum inside her and then have me lick her pussy clean. I genuinely thought that was going to happen, but no…

Mistress was wearing a vest top and her bra, and as she rode me I begged to be allowed to see her gorgeous breasts. After begging sufficiently, Mistress pulled her vest top up and then pushed her bra down to reveal her beautiful breasts. She looked so HOT like this, kinda dressed but not… and also it reminded me of sometimes you see photos of women in Fetish type gear where their breasts are ‘framed’ in a similar way. I’ve just tried to find a picture to illustrate, but I can’t… but think ‘Gym Porn’ (but don’t actually Google ‘Gym Porn’ unless you want to see a load of musclebound dudes buttfucking each other!). I thought it was super-hot anyway. Mistress I mean, not the musclebound dudes buttfucking each other!

Like I said, I was anticipating being allowed to cum inside Mistress, so I was kind of surprised when she lifted off me and knelt next to me and started stroking my cock. I kept getting just to the point where I needed to tell her I was getting too close, and then she would back off a little and keep me not quite there for long enough that I could carry on again. Then it became clear that she was going to let me cum, as she started stroking harder and faster…

I told her that I was close, and I was very close, if she had let go and told me that I wasn’t going to be coming I’m not sure I would have been able to hold back, it was that ‘close’. Instead Mistress said ‘We’d better let you cum then’, and then stroked my cock just enough until I started to cum. As soon as I started to cum Mistress immediately loosened her grip and ruined my orgasm.

My poor cock was straining like hell trying to push all the cum out and I was left massively frustrated as I watched my cock pulse and ache as it expelled copious amounts of cum while denying me the pleasure of a full orgasm. What made it totally awesome though, totally fucking awesomely awesome in fact, was the huge grin on Mistress’s face as she watched the cum dribble from my poor throbbing cock. That was truly awesome to see, and I commented on it afterwards to her.

She said, “You love it when I’m mean to you, don’t you.”

Yes I do, and even more than that I enjoy it when she enjoys being mean to me. I know Mistress ‘enjoys’ whipping and paddling my ass, because her pussy is always really wet afterwards. And it seems she’s now starting to really get on side with being mean to me by ruining orgasms too, which makes me feel very happy indeed!

So that means, this chastity year so far I have had two ruined orgasms and one proper orgasm, I hope that ratio is maintained (or bettered!) for the year, as that would be a huge step in the right direction for us. Fingers crossed! 🙂

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