What a great weekend this has been…

Well this has turned out to be a GREAT weekend. Yesterday was really good (see previous post) and today has been just as good. Mistress and I woke up reasonably late (thanks to the new roller blind in the bathroom keeping the light out), but that meant that our morning walk was a little on the warm side… still we came home and chilled a bit, before consuming another episode of the Bachelorette (Season 11).

Mistress and I are somewhat obsessed with this TV show and The Bachelor. And season eleven of The Bachelorette is the best yet. It’s a total car crash, with the Bachelorette making the slight mistake of sleeping with one of the contestants way before it was acceptable and then stressing herself out over it. Add to this the suitors seemingly leaving of their own accord left right and centre, it’s a crazy series and Mistress and I are hooked. πŸ™‚

After that we decided to spend our Sunday afternoon the best way anyone can, and so we headed to the bedroom…. I felt so happy going down on Mistress for the second day in a row and straight away it felt like it was going better than Saturday (which was great, still) and I felt very confident that Mistress would be cumming this time, yesterday didn’t seem quite such a certainty to me, but it worked out in the end, whereas today just seemed to go ‘better’ straight away.

We were both pretty hot and I spent some time afterwards kissing Mistress’s beautiful feet. One thing I do like about the warm weather (and there isn’t much) is that Mistress has had bare feet all day. It’s very distracting, but I like it! πŸ™‚

We opened a window to let some cool air in and Mistress started kissing me and stroking my cock. She had me hard and started stroking and sucking my cock so nicely. She added a few tasty ball slaps into the mix while I teased her asshole with my fingers, she was slick with her pussy juices and I desperately wanted to tongue her ass.

I told Mistress how I was feeling and she told me that she would allow me to worship her ass for a little while, but that would be the end of my teasing. She straddled my head and sank down onto my eager tongue, stroking my rock-hard cock fast and hard. After a little while my cock was getting so close that I was fighting it off because I knew that the second I told Mistress I was close that she would stop and get off me, and I really didn’t want her to get off me.

I probably pushed it closer than was really safe, and just as I was about to admit defeat and warn Mistress I was getting close she lifted off and told me that was the end of my teasing. I told Mistress how close I was and she smiled and said ‘I could tell’.

After that we lay on the bed for a while and then watched another episode of The Bachelorette, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we don’t watch another one before bedtime!

3 thoughts on “What a great weekend this has been…

  1. Your last few posts do indeed describe a marvelous weekend! Long overdue but well worth the wait I’m sure. You depict well the love and desire that both of you have for each other. It’s wonderful to hear about. I’m a bit jealous about the cock teasing though, Queen J. doesn’t spend too much time taking me to the edge. She does enjoy playing with her cock but is more visual in what excites her. She loves looking at her cock on display for her or watching me masturbate for her. Especially now that she has adorned me with a steel cock ring that fits behind my shaft and sac. It’s about a half inch deep and pulls my package away from my body so that it’s ‘out there’ for her. Really turns her on, I haven’t had it off for almost 2 weeks now.

    So now that you’ve both found your groove again I hope Mistress uses and abuses her sub silly!


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