Crush em…

I think I mentioned this before, but for some reason it’s popped back into my head. I saw this device and really liked the idea of it, but never got around to buying it, partly because it’s not cheap. Part of me thinks it should be easy to make something to do the same job, but at the same time it would probably be a lot less hassle to buy one.


Maybe Uberkinky would send me one to test?

I woke up nice and hard this morning, which hasn’t been happening regularly enough for my liking. Fortunately Mistress took advantage and spent a while stroking my cock. I asked her to squeeze my balls but her (very long) nails seem to dig in me and cause far more sensation than the actual squeezing, so that’s why I thought about this toy again.

I think it might be easier for Mistress to apply more pressure with this, and I can imagine it would be a nice tool for our Femdom sessions.

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