The Urban Gentry…

I don’t know if any of you are into watches, but I really am, and recently I started watching a video blog on youtube called ‘The Urban Gentry’. It’s primarily about watches, but there are some other elements to it, appreciation of art and… well it’s hard to explain really… on occasions it harks back to the old days of decorum and gentlemanliness… I don’t know, you’d really have to watch a few of the videos to understand, but something about these videos really clicked with me and snapped me into a real positive frame of mind.

So the first thing is that I am back on the Slimming World diet. I’m not going to the meetings because they are fucking boring and all that will happen is I’ll end up going just to get weighed and I’m not paying someone £5 a week to weigh me.

Secondly, I just feel like I want to be pro-active around the house and make everything as nice as possible. I mean we are very lucky to have a nice house anyway, it’s pretty small, but there’s only two of us. But even the nicest house still has niggly things. So on Sunday morning I re-stained the front fence, and today I bought some paint for the garage door. We also want to get a new sofa and some more new carpets. There’s a bunch of other stuff that I’ve got lined up to do at the weekend as well.

So, I’m feeling kind of positive right now, two days in to my diet… and this evening Mistress gave me some lovely teasing. Unusually, Mistress decided she wanted to tease me before I made her cum, and it was really really good. I so love it when Mistress kisses me and her mouth tastes of my cock, and that just made my cock even harder than it was anyway.

I wasn’t allowed to cum, or ruin, and by the end my cock was really throbbing. After that I was eager to taste Mistress’s gorgeous pussy and make her cum, which I did. 🙂

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