Ruined again…

Last night Mistress was stroking my cock hard and fast, she turned to me and asked me how many days it had been since I had been allowed a proper orgasm. I told her it was 40 days and she said ‘Better let you cum then…’

She continued stroking hard and fast and I was guessing about 70/30 odds on that I was really going to be allowed to cum. Not so, Mistress let go and we both watched my cum leak out of my throbbing cock before she scooped it up with her fingers and fed it to me.

So having just been allowed to ‘ruin’, I’m guessing that my previous record is under threat now. That stands at 56 days, which ran from the end of December 2015 to nearly the end of February 2016. I was then allowed to cum twice in March and once in April, and that has been it since then, although I have been ruined in April, May and June. So for the first time ever my chastity year stats indicate that I have had three ruined orgasms and just one proper orgasm, that’s quite some progress!

Speaking of ruined orgasms….

I’m pretty sure most of you reading this will be aware of Mistress T’s videos and there’s no doubt her videos are some of the best you will find on the internet. Yesterday a short clip appeared on my tumblr feed (and if you follow me then you will have already seen this) and I really wanted to repost it here, but because tumblr doesn’t seem to allow this and because I can’t find it anywhere else, I can’t. Which is a shame.

So I thought I would take a few screen grabs, to illustrate what happens when her slave cums without permission. She slaps his balls once and then literally punches the cum out of his balls. I’m sure it must hurt, but at the same time, it’s fucking HOT!

Visit my tumblr at the link below and watch the whole seven second video.





2 thoughts on “Ruined again…

  1. WOW Great clip. Do you think Mistress R will follow Mistress T’s lead in the future? I would love to read about that, if I had a slave who came without permission I would definitely destroy his balls!

    • Hi
      She might have to build up to THAT, but ball slapping would certainly make a nice accompaniment to a ruined orgasm….
      Robert Anthony

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