A new way to edge…

This morning I woke up in another country…

Mistress and I were in Wales for the weekend, to see a couple of bands. We were pretty late to bed but I woke up about 7am all the same. Since we were in a hotel I couldn’t get up while Mistress R was still asleep so I dozed on and off for two hours.

At some point during this time, my hand moved between my legs and I started gently squeezing my balls. I didn’t touch my cock at all (that’s not allowed remember, and technically even if I was locked up I would still be able to squeeze my balls) but in my dozy state my cock got very hard indeed and as I continued to squeeze more and more firmly, my cock got harder and harder until I realised that I was actually getting very close to the edge.

I let go then, but I am convinced I could easily have made my cock leak just by squeezing my balls. I would love for Mistress R to make me ruin this way, squeezing my balls tightly as my cum leaked out… that would be super hot.

Mistress has very small hands and very long fingernails and when she usually tries to squeeze my balls what generally happens is her fingernails dig in before the squeezing really takes effect. I am what is known as a ‘high-flyer’, meaning my balls don’t hang much, so this makes it more difficult and in the past Mistress has always squeezed from ‘the front’ rather than circling the top of my balls with her first finger and thumb and pulling down / squeezing.

Maybe a little practice session is in order…   🙂

And perhaps a more regular use of my ballstretcher might help matters too.


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