Building towards a new record?

Not much to report at the moment, I have had a cold all this week which hasn’t helped matters. I did give Mistress R an orgasm on Tuesday, which was lovely and hopefully will do so again tonight.

Currently standing on 49 days (including 2 ruined orgasms) without a proper orgasm. My record is 56 (which included 1 ruined orgasm). I think Mistress has got used to the idea of ruining me now and I wouldn’t be surprised if I get ruined again in the next week or two and beat my record by some margin.

We’ll see…

My diet has been going well, I lost 9lbs the first two weeks. This week is looking like going nowhere – which I don’t understand at all – and as predicted I got a cold. I always get a cold when I start a diet. There’s probably a good scientific reason for it, but it doesn’t really help. When I get a cold I just want to stuff my face!

One thought on “Building towards a new record?

  1. Standing by to congratulate you on a new record, Rob!

    Myself, it’s been a mere two weeks… and I’m horny as hell!

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