Morning teasing…

Finally got a lie in this morning, the first day of our week off. Well it was supposed to be a week off, now it’s turned into two four day weekends for me (the trials of working for a very small company). But still, a bit of relaxation is long overdue and laying in bed at 9:30 is a rare novelty for me.

Even better though was that Mistress decided that the best way to start our holiday would be to give me some teasing. Thankfully my cock was ready and willing to participate without any help from the cock ring and Mistress stroked me for a good while before she got out of bed.

Today marks a new record as it is day 57 since my last proper orgasm. Who knows how much longer it will be? We are planning a Femdom Session on Thursday, that would make it 62. I’m hoping it will be longer than that, I told Mistress this morning that part of me wants her to just keep ruining me, but I had to admit that another part of me wants to cum properly too (although I know I will regret it afterwards).

I also told Mistress that I would still much prefer to make her cum though, if I had to choose I would always choose that. Hopefully her period will end soon and I will be able to do just that.

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