Still on a high from yesterday…

After Mistress read my post about our session yesterday, she asked if it was ‘less enjoyable’ for me because I jerked myself off rather than her doing it. In reality Mistress got me pretty close before she had me take over, the reason being that it’s quite awkward for her to stroke me and aim my cock at her feet.

I must admit there is a slight disconnect in that moment, but at the same time there’s something very submissive about kneeling in front of your Mistress and stroking your cock until you cum on her feet. I mean how can that not make you feel deeply submissive, really?

Not to mention then licking all that stored up cum off of her feet. I mean, as subby headspace moments go, that’s a pretty good one. In all honesty it was one of the best orgasms I can remember having and I really did love licking Mistress’s beautiful feet clean. πŸ™‚


I have to say the much feared ‘post orgasm depression’ doesn’t seem to have showed up this time, I’m still feeling super happy with what went down yesterday but it does feel slightly strange not having that background ache in my balls. I’m looking forward to feeling that ache again soon, assuming Mistress doesn’t decide to let me cum again too soon!


4 thoughts on “Still on a high from yesterday…

  1. You’ve given me a splendid idea. My sissy’s next orgasm may very well be while she’s using my Magic Wand on her Holy Trainer and dripping onto my feet πŸ™‚


  2. Submissive men like us are a special breed. We love to cum, but we love it more when we are kept horny and without orgasm. My wife keeps me horny and without orgasm for a minimum of 4 months. Then she will rub me thru my panties and give me permission to make a mess in them.

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