Good news…

For those of you who enjoy my writing anyway… I am writing a new story. I’ve written about 3,500 words and I’m really getting into it now. It was kind of a hard story to get going, mainly because there were some obstacles and things that needed negotiating. It’s hard to say too much because there’s a kind of twist to it, and I don’t want to give too much away right now. But this story was partly inspired by a comment that I received a while ago, from someone who was having a hard time reconciling his feelings about his enjoyment of my writing and how it made him feel. I hope he will enjoy it when it’s finished.

Hmm, I really want to share more but I really can’t yet. It’s very frustrating. I’m guessing there’s probably another 3-4,000 words to go, maybe more… I have a lot of thoughts in my head but I don’t really map things out before I start, it ends up just pouring out of me usually, which can be a good or bad thing sometimes. I guess we’ll see. I’m expecting a roasting from the Literotica crowd though, I can tell you that much. Though the ending will fuck them up. Hehehe.

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    • Hi appy
      I hope so, yes! I’ve felt my recent (well there hasn’t been much ‘recent’) writing has been a bit tame compared to my older stuff, so I’m trying to redress that and it’s also got a bit of a new angle to it rather than just being a rehash of things I’ve done before

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