Utterly ruined…. (part two)

I don’t really think my last post (written in a rush before going to bed – early rise to swim!) really conveyed just how intense and frustrating last night’s ruined orgasm was.

After swinging herself off me Mistress stroked my cock hard and fast, obviously trying to get me close. Having warned her that I was close (or thought I was) Mistress slowed right down and loosened her grip. Then she stroked me harder again, pushing me closer. Then she let go, telling me that I wasn’t going to be allowed to cum.

I don’t think I actually said anything, but my body language must have been a clear enough sign that Mistress stroked me a little more. She asked me if I was really close, and I felt soo close, but Mistress’s stroking was so gentle and frustrating that all I felt was growing pressure without any real progress towards release.

Mistress switched to a firmer grip for a few strokes which only served to build the pressure, but still I wasn’t getting any purchase. Mistress started questioning just how close I really was and I really thought she was going to let go and say ‘You had your chance’ (which would have been hot too, let’s be honest! 🙂 …).

Thankfully Mistress stroked me hard a few more times and then went back to her feather light strokes, while I was straining every muscle trying to push myself over. I have never felt anything so frustrating, I actually snorted with the effort, but finally Mistress’s soft strokes tipped the balance and I felt my cock begin to ooze cum. Even though Mistress continued to stroke me with her fingertips, this did nothing but add to the absolute frustration I was feeling.

It was incredible.

Quite a week, one of the best orgasms I can remember, followed by the most frustrating ruined orgasm I’ve had yet.

I love being submissive and I LOVE having such a wonderful Mistress! 🙂

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