It’s hot (and we hate it)…

Another week has gone by, with little to blog about. Worryingly I haven’t looked at my story for the last 8 days, I need to rectify that soon or I fear it will slip away and never be finished, and I don’t want that to happen given the amount of time I’ve already put into it.

The next three days are supposed to be hot, which does not excite Mistress and I one bit. Thankfully as from Thursday it’s supposed to cool down a bit, but it’s going to be in the 30’s on Tuesday. This does not make for a likely week of hot sex.

Mistress has been on her period the last few days, but last night she came to bed really late and set about teasing me. I was insanely hard, which is bloody wonderful of course… and she left me truly desperate by the time she’d finished with me.

The plan was to worship Mistress’s gorgeous pussy today, but it’s been miserably warm and Mistress was not in the mood. Hopefully it will happen tomorrow, one way or another, possibly with the use of a fan!

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