Really, really close to losing it!

I came so close to cumming tonight, that I can’t quite believe I managed not to! Mistress had a lovely orgasm on my tongue, and after a fair while teasing me I begged to be allowed to worship her gorgeous ass. Mistress allowed me three short periods licking her beautiful asshole while she stroked me, and the third time it was just getting too much and as she pulled away I had to warn her I was close. Thankfully she let go, but I still thought I was going to ruin anyway… I didn’t, but damn it was close.

32 days now I think, going to start getting harder for sure.

I started doing a bit of work on my story earlier as well. I can’t believe this bloody story has been in the works for a month already. It’s proving to be a challenge, that I will say. As usual it’s not the sex stuff that’s difficult, it’s the background and the set up that I’m struggling with a bit. I’m sure I’ll get there eventually but at the moment it’s not really coming together as easily as I’d like.

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