The hornier I get the harder I want it…

Another two days have passed and I’ve still not got anywhere further with my story, I just don’t seem to have sufficient time to make any progress with it at the moment. It’s very frustrating and I just know the longer the gaps the harder it is to make it work. It’s proving very difficult to get the balance right between confidence and hesitation in the female character. It would be very easy to make the female part totally confident (and that may be the way it has to go) but I would like to make it a bit more nuanced than that if possible…

Lovely teasing for me tonight (and another orgasm for Mistress of course), I really do love it when Mistress slaps my balls a bit harder, and the hornier I get the harder I want her to slap me… by the end of tonight’s teasing I wanted her to slap my balls really hard, to make them really ache. ๐Ÿ™‚

Mistress made me very hard by suggesting to me that she might ruin my orgasm and then rub my cock all over her feet, making sure that all the ruined cum got all over her pretty feet so that I could lick them clean! That would be awesome!

4 thoughts on “The hornier I get the harder I want it…

  1. Rob? Do you think that Mistress R could induce a ruined orgasm by slapping your balls? I’ve been very close a few times, but for a variety of reasons, CH hasn’t taken it beyond “close”. I’m sure it’s going to happen one of these days.

    • Hi Harry
      I definitely think she could, and I would LOVE her to do that, this wanting seems to come in waves and right now I am desperate to be throbbing hard and have Mistress really hurting my balls. A ruined orgasm that way would be awesome!

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