A couple of landmarks (almost) reached…

Now that I’ve surpassed my previous record of 64 days, every day is a new record, and today marks 68 days since my last proper orgasm. But seeing as it’s the 30th of August today, and seeing as I know I won’t be getting release tomorrow (because Mistress R is visiting her friend for the evening) it’s safe to assume that I will make it through a second month in a row without having been allowed to cum. That’s a first, even though my previous record was 64 days it only included one full calendar month. Also, even if Mistress let me cum on Thursday, that would still mean I went 70 days without an orgasm!

The Bank Holiday weekend being a little bit of a disaster in the intimacy department, it had been five days since Mistress had last cum. Thankfully I got to rectify that this evening and Mistress had a lovely orgasm on my tongue. Afterwards I got to worship her beautiful feet for a while and then Mistress decided it was time for my teasing.

Mistress sucked and stroked my cock and brought me quite close, but not close enough for me to have to warn her I might cum. However, just as I was thinking about asking if I could worship her gorgeous ass, Mistress straddled me and sank down onto my throbbing cock. I say throbbing because it really was throbbing, and it felt super-hard as well. I pushed my cock up inside Mistress’s very tight pussy and knew that this was going to end with me cumming inside Mistress unless we were very careful.

After a few moments the feeling of caution passed a little, and Mistress started to ride my cock. It felt incredible and ‘part’ of me really wanted her to grant permission for me to shoot inside her. Mistress pulled her lacy bra down under her beautiful breasts and exposed her gorgeous and hard nipples. Although I see Mistress’s naked body every day, for some reason she has this ‘annoying’ habit of wearing bra’s when we are actually in bed having ‘sex’, I think she does it on purpose, because she knows I want to see her gorgeous breasts…

Usually Mistress waits for me to beg for her to take her bra off when she’s riding my cock, but I think in this instance she correctly assumed that I wasn’t going to ask, simply because I was already struggling enough not to cum, without the added visual stimulus of Mistress’s sexy boobs right in my face. So instead of waiting, or even prompting me to beg, Mistress decided just to expose herself to me and let me struggle with it.

Pretty much as soon as she’d pushed her bra down, Mistress leaned forward and had me suck on her nipples, then she sat back up and started riding my cock again. As if that wasn’t enough, she then reached back behind herself and started slapping my balls as she fucked me. She must have slapped my balls about 8 times I think, not too hard, but with my poor, 68 days denied cock cloaked in her tight, silky pussy this was really testing my willpower and resolve. In fact there was a point where I thought I had not just raced up to the edge, but tipped over, but somehow, incredibly, I managed to hang on by my fingertips!

Even though it made things incredibly difficult for me, I absolutely love it when Mistress slaps my balls as she rides my cock. There are a number of ways I’d love to cum with Mistress slapping my balls as I shoot, and pumping my load inside her gorgeous pussy would definitely be one of them!

Mistress ceased the slapping, but rode my cock a little while longer, before sliding off and grabbing my cock. She gave it a few brisk strokes and then let go, leaving it quivering and desperate for more of her attention. But, save for one more slap (sadly, something of a miss-hit) that was my lot for the night.

“I’m not going to let you cum tonight,” she said. “You’re going to have to wait a few more days, you can do that for me can’t you?”

“Yes Mistress.” I replied.

As usual, part of me wants to cum and part of me really doesn’t. But as always, I’ll have to trust Mistress to make the decision on my behalf. Given that we’re in new territory now I’m kind of expecting her to let me cum anytime soon, but of course part of me hopes she just keeps ruining me, after all 100 days isn’t that far away, is it?

In for the long haul…

Harry Haversackers: “I think you’ll find that blogs on any topic of personal activity come and go regularly. I find it quite amazing (and enjoyable) that you’re still active at it.”

I guess for any blog to continue for five years plus is quite good going, but like Lemmy used to say when asked what was the secret of Motorhead’s longevity… “the secret to keeping going, is not stopping.”

I guess I do have something of an advantage in that from the beginning I wanted my blog to be more than just a place for me to write about my chastity journey* ‘experiences’.

But this can be a double edged sword, recently my page views have been on the rise (although the last few days inactivity have meant they’ve died down a bit).


Actually that’s quite reassuring, because that means my posts actually have an impact on the statistics. Sometimes I go a few days without posting and I have a big spike in views and I can’t help but think, ‘Oh, so it doesn’t really matter if I post or not then?’

There are 325+ video links on the video pages, plus all my stories, captions and Mistress R’s galleries, so if one person comes here for a massive session they can really boost my scores, which is great of course, but at the same time it doesn’t inspire you to create content.

Speaking of content…

It’s been a few days since I looked at my long story, I have been working on it, I even spent a couple of hours in my car working on it, just trying to get it finished. It’s up to 12,000 words now, though that may come down again if I start ripping the start to bits. I’m kinda happy with the bulk of it, but the first couple of pages are awkward as fuck. Strangely, because I wrote it in a few chunks and then started back at the start and spent several weeks on the first few pages, I had forgotten the rest of it and it doesn’t seem as ‘edgy’ as I wanted it to be.

But maybe that’s a good thing, Mistress R certainly didn’t like my last story and I didn’t get a massive reaction to it either way. It was a bit of a quick, off the cuff piece of writing but still, its up to 5000 views on Literotica with a score of 4.52 / 5 which is pretty good.

Speaking of my Literotica ratings, here’s a quick rundown on my current scores (with links)

4.70 – Punishing Scott’s Balls (2015)

4.64 – Girls Talk (2015)

4.64 – The Conversation (2011)

4.60 – Frustration (2015)

4.56 – Daniel Strokes for his Mistress (2014)

4.55 – Out of Your Hands: Ch.1-3 (2010)

4.52 – Do You Think I’m Evil? (2016)

4.49 – The Next Step (2011)

4.49 – Everything Has a Price: Ch.1-15 (2011)

4.48 – Option A or Option B (2010)

4.48 – Kate’s Story (2012)

4.47 – Once a Month II (2014)

4.47 – The Longest Week (2010)

4.47 – The Twelfth Day (2010)

4.44 – More Fun With Dice! (2010)

4.42 – Oliver Accepts his Place (2011)

4.41 – Katherine’s New Game (2013)

4.39 – Jodie’s Second Appointment (2013)

4.38 – A New Approach to an Old Problem (2011)

4.38 – By Invitation (2009)

4.37 – Once a Month (2011)

4.37 – A Game of Tease and Denial (2010)

4.37 – Mistress Claudia’s Cumslut (1999)

4.36 – Owned! Ch.1-8 (2006)

4.36 – Strap On Submission (2014)

4.36 – Jennifer Secures the Deal (2010)

4.34 – Jodie’s First Appointment (2000)

4.33 – A Game with Dice (2010)

4.31 – The New Secretary (2009)

4.23 – The Anniversary (2008)

4.22 – Testing Carol’s Limits (2011)

4.14 – Inspection (2011)

4.08 – Nicola and Master Tom (2011)

4.04 – Submission Time Again (2009)

3.56 – Thirty Seven Days (2011)

A couple of things make me chuckle here, one is the title ‘Submission Time Again’, which was written in 2009 – about the time I got into Depeche Mode (classic album: Construction Time Again). Also, it’s quite funny that I would have written stories called ‘The Longest Week’, then ‘The Twelfth Day’, then ‘Thirty Seven Days’… kind of shows you how my own chastity journey experience has progressed I think!

If you were to ask me which was my best story, I think I would probably say ‘Girls Talk’, so it’s gratifying to see it right up there in second place, and also it’s rewarding that most of my newer stories are in the top half of the chart, so at least I’m not a has been who should quit while he’s ahead! 🙂


*People who use the word ‘journey’ when they mean ‘experience/s’ should be punched in the face, and yes you might find I’ve done it in the past. Feel free to point out examples of my hypocrisy, but know that it was always used ironically.



Should have known better…

Planning a Femdom session for a Bank Holiday is always going to be ‘subject to change’, planning a Femdom session for a Bank Holiday when we have been out with friends and got into bed at 3:30am and then got up at 8am to go into town was always going to be ‘optimistic’ in the extreme.

And so it has proven. Being in our mid 40s we can certainly stay up until 3:30am, we just need a few days to get over it! Add in to the mix that Bank Holidays are traditionally ‘days off the diet’ and you can see that the whole thing was teetering on a cliff’s edge right from the very start.

But anyway, we have rescheduled for next Sunday, which will be great because that gives us a week to eat properly and me a week to swim everyday, so we’ll both be feeling a lot brighter by then.

On Saturday we went into town and one of the objectives was to find some nice lingerie for Mistress R so that we can take some more pictures of her. We didn’t have an enormous amount of success with that. I thought there would be a huge choice and we would be having to choose which ones we liked the best, but it didn’t really work out like that. Mistress did manage to find a couple of pairs of lacy knickers, but I was expecting there to be more ‘sets’ to choose from.

I suggested going to Ann Summers, not least because the last few times we’ve been in there all it seemed to sell was lingerie (although I did see one cock shaped soap, sadly no chocolate nipples – well I say sadly…). But even that proved a bit of a bust. Everything seemed remarkably similar and just came in different colours, some of which were pretty garish.

I remember years ago, I mean twenty years ago, going in to an Ann Summers on Tottenham Court Road in London and there was a back room full of bondage gear, sex toys and porn mags, but those days have gone for sure. These days the ‘bondage section’ consists of a pair of handcuffs (although to be fair at least they weren’t fluffy), a seriously shit blindfold and a crop. And that was about it I think…

Still, hopefully this week we might be able to locate and purchase some lingerie off the internet and get it here for next weekend so that we can take so more piccies.

Is chastity losing it’s appeal?

Well it isn’t for me, that’s for sure… but there seems to be a lot less blogs than there used to be. But then maybe it’s just blogging that’s out of fashion? Why bother to blog when you can repost someone else’s caption or photo. After all we are all soooooooooo busy these days…

When I started there was a really solid foundation of blogs I used to read, but slowly these seem to have disappeared. I know one particular blog which had to be made private, but Q&k’s blog stopped suddenly and no amount of commenting garnered any response. Likewise Harry Haversackers has left the blogosphere to concentrate on captioning pictures of tumblr (ironically, given the grief he gave me for my captions!). Even the totally excellent Sub Hub in Phoenix hasn’t posted since the end of June…

There were others I used to really enjoy as well, although some of them were of questionable authenticity… at least that’s one thing that seems to have died a death, the ‘bullshit’ blog. At one time they seemed to be popping up weekly, one even asked for my help and I made some banners for them. Total bullshit. The usual dead giveaway is the ‘my Mistress locked me in chastity and I haven’t been allowed out’. Well you know what, it doesn’t take much to break a padlock if you really want to.

Some of these people were rather creative and if only they had been honest about their ‘fictional’ endeavours, they probably would have garnered support rather than scorn. Indeed, good chastity and Femdom authors are in short supply and would be welcomed with open arms, I for one would be happy to promote them here. But bullshitting people isn’t going to win you any friends and inevitably these blogs usually lasted only a week or two before mysteriously disappearing.

One of the problems of the bullshit blog was always that the speed of progress was all wrong. You only have to look at my blog to see that this is a marathon not a sprint. It took Mistress five years to really become comfortable ruining my orgasms, which is probably several years longer than it would be fair to expect, but it just illustrates my point. A blog where the protagonist goes from a vanilla lifestyle straight into a 100 days of locked up chastity is almost certainly utter fantasy. And no one buys a steel chastity device straight off the bat either, those things are seriously expensive.

Of course there are good blogs out there and the best place to find them is probably KEYHELD. When my original Google blog appeared on Keyheld my views went through the roof, so I can’t thank them enough for their help establishing my blog and their continued support today. Even so, despite their impressive list of blogs, an awful lot of them haven’t posted anything in the last month.

The other place of course, is fetblogger which was set up by the formidable Lady M when Google started making noises about cutting us off for being perverts and undesirables, and to whom we are eternally grateful (even though in the end Google backed down, nobody trusts them and I would urge anyone with a Fetish blog to contact Lady M about moving over and joining the alliance of deviants!).

One blog that I haven’t come across before (until just now) is the Male Chastity Journal, which seems like it merits further investigation!

Records are falling…

Yesterday was new territory for me, being my 63rd day without a proper orgasm. To celebrate, Mistress had a lovely orgasm on my tongue and then she teased me… and once again left me throbbing hard and desperate to cum.

Of course (thankfully) that feeling of absolute desperation doesn’t stick around too long, despite what some people would have you believe. I mean it’s a nice fantasy to think that we chastized men walk around all day with our balls aching and in desperate need of release, but realistically, that would make every day function a bit difficult wouldn’t it?

This was one of the many things I liked about Monkey’s comments in the second edition of Lady M & Monkey’s podcast series, that he didn’t embellish the truth. Monkey has been denied a lot longer than I have, and unlike mine, his cock is locked up too. But even he isn’t a constant gibbering wreck. If he was then being teased wouldn’t be so important, would it?

Which is not to say there aren’t times when you feel a little horny, and the denial dramatically accentuates that, because it absolutely does. But believe me, no one is walking around constantly throbbing and dizzy with lust. Although feel free to tell me I’m wrong if you are, that’s what the comments section is for after all.

So today is day 64, and tonight we are going out for a meal with friends. Tomorrow we are going lingerie shopping for Mistress, and so far the plan is for us to have our Femdom session on Sunday. There ain’t no way Mistress is letting me cum two days before a session so I can safely say that I will be making it to day 66 with no orgasm. After that, who knows…

Mistress has already equaled her record for most orgasms between any two of mine (20) and most likely that will become 21 even if I am allowed to cum at the end of our session. And of course it could be that Mistress will give me a choice on Sunday, as she often has before, whereby I have to choose between worshiping her gorgeous asshole or being allowed to cum.

I’m not sure that I’ve chosen to cum yet (maybe once), and I doubt I would this time either. But we’ll see…


This is why it takes me weeks to write a story…

Shock horror, I have done some more work on my story (and it’s now 11,000 words long…). In the meantime, I had a look at my feedback on Literotica today, and more specifically I signed out and signed in to my old account (MALIBUMAN666) to check if anything had been left on there. I don’t look very often, I haven’t posted on that account in years but of course the stories are still there, so if someone reads those stories and leaves a comment then that’s where it will be. It would be nice if I could migrate or amalgamate the old account with the new one, but Literotica don’t seem to offer this facility.

Below I have posted a comment I received about nine months ago (as I said, I don’t look very often).

11/29/15 By: mskathryn
[Quote: She … asked me if I had enjoyed servicing her friends. I struggled for a moment for an answer, unsure as to whether I was supposed to enjoy it or not. I decided on a non-committal answer.
“I enjoy pleasing you and following your instructions Mistress.”
Mistress smiled … *impressed* with how I had negotiated the trap she had laid for me.]

Dear Robert,
*impressed* ? Really? IMHO, only a man could have written this. Why would she be impressed? She asked a question – the honest answer to which could have been quite informative – which is then answered in the style of a (male) politician: that is, he answers a different question, one not asked, and then thinks it clever that he has successfully avoided – sorry, negotiated – a ‘trap’ laid for him. Why should this be a trap? She ‘forced’ him to do the servicing; his enjoyment or otherwise is a reality known to him and over which she had no control; he can answer her honestly or lie. Why in her mind should there be any element of ‘supposed to’? Why should she be impressed by his obfuscation?

Robert, I don’t know whether you are still reading comments here. But on the assumption that you are, could I offer a critique that I think applies to this and some of your other writing? I feel that you do not empathise enough with your female protagonists. If I were an actress playing the part of your femdoms, I would be asking myself: ‘What is my motivation for this particular action or that particular behaviour?’
In this particular story, the femdom is also his wife; and you give no indication that the marriage is breaking down, or a sham. So I start from the premise that she loves him, which is why she’s willing to indulge his fantasies in ways that will be fulfilling for him. But what does she get out of it? Yes, there is pleasure to be derived from vicariously experiencing his pleasure – something you seem to understand perfectly well with the positions reversed. And yes, an element of sexual control can be sexually arousing – but don’t overplay it, please. I can tell you that every woman enjoying a loving, satisfying sexual relationship experiences that sense of power and control every time she views her lover’s face at the moment of his orgasm. Indeed, I have just given myself a tingle merely from the recollected images brought to the fore by writing that last sentence!

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate when someone leaves me a well thought out comment and / or constructive criticism, but you can see why it takes me forever to write my stories. I guess it’s a compliment really, given the enormous amount of dross that’s posted to Literotica… (usually starts something like – ‘Babygirl, my 21yr old, virgin daughter was sucking my cock while I cupped her 42FFF tits…’) that someone takes the time to post an intelligent critique. I guess that must mean my work is not completely without artistic merit and is taken seriously enough to warrant the bother.

So anyway, I contacted the author and invited her to view my blog. There were a couple of other comments left as well, but they were more along the lines of ‘Hope the bitch enjoyed her trip to the divorce court’ and that kind of thing… trouble is if you want to impress me with that shit you’ve got to really go for it, and these people didn’t (sadly, I love a good full-on rant).

My tumblr turned 1, apparently…

So I got an email today telling me my tumblr is one year old. I find that surprising actually… more than surprising if I’m honest. But tumblr really isn’t that interesting to me, it’s a habit if anything, and I only really started it to promote this blog. Speaking of which, I’m pleased to see that my page views are picking up again now that I’m posting more regularly, so thanks to everyone who takes the time to visit or follow my blog, and extra thanks to people who take the time to leave comments. Bloggers need some feedback now and again, it’s hard to keep posting if you feel you are working in a vacuum.

=  =  =  =  =

On a somewhat sadder note, I found out yesterday that one of my oldest and most faithful commenters is in a really bad way health wise and ever since I found that out I have felt a little depressed about it. Appy has left many comments on my blog, the last one in fact was telling me to ‘take my time’ with my 10,000 word story. Appy always reads my stories and comments on them and I really appreciate his input, but I’ve never spoken to him beyond that. I would love for him to be able to read my long story if I can finish it in time before he leaves us, if indeed he is in any condition to do so. Sadly I honestly don’t know if that will be possible.

Appy, if you are reading this, thank you so much for all the support and kind words you have given me over the years, I hope your remaining time is peaceful. Even though I don’t really know you that well, I will genuinely miss you when you are gone…

A great afternoon…

I can’t quite believe the weekend is nearly over, it has gone so fast! Fortunately Mistress and I managed to make time to go to bed this afternoon, I didn’t realise it had been since Wednesday since Mistress had her last orgasm. Well Mistress certainly had a very lovely orgasm today and as I was kissing her feet afterwards I was looking up at her as she lay on the pillows with her eyes closed, completely sated and I just thought how completely beautiful her pussy looked. It was so wet and pink, it almost looked like I had cum inside her. Just a totally gorgeous sight…

After that Mistress teased me like crazy, with some very hard stroking and ball slapping. At one point Mistress edged me and the teased my cock with her tongue and mouth and actually thought I might have ruined into her mouth. I don’t think I did, I’m sure she would have told me… but it really kind of felt like it. Absolutely incredible teasing though, and she left me absolutely rock hard and throbbing like crazy.

It’s been 59 days since I was last allowed to cum properly, and this is only the second time I’ve got this far. Strangely I seem to have gone past the stage where I feel like I could cum really easily, and Mistress really pumped my cock today and I took it easily. It’s quite interesting these little phases that you seem to go through as the days add up.

What with one thing and another Mistress and I decided to delay our next photo session until next week (which is a Bank Holiday here in the UK), so we will be out with friends on Friday night, off lingerie shopping on Saturday, Femdom Session on Sunday and photo session on Monday. Sounds like an awesome weekend don’t you think?


Haven’t had any more comments on my latest story as yet, it’s now been viewed 3475 times (in four days) which isn’t too bad (stories in the Fetish section seem to get less views than other sections) and my score is holding up pretty well with a 4.46 / 5.