July was orgasm free for me…

Sunday proved to be a bit of a disaster… we had planned to have our Femdom Session, but on Saturday night I fell asleep watching TV and on Sunday I was so tired I didn’t get up until the afternoon, and that never happens. I was so tired it was ridiculous and clumsy with it. Not only did I knock a glass of Coke all over my keyboard, but I also managed to chuck my dinner into the cutlery drawer while I was serving it up!

Obviously I don’t know for sure whether Mistress would have let me cum, but as it happened July became my second orgasm free month of 2016. I was quite annoyed about missing our session, obviously, but hopefully we will be having it next week instead.

And tonight I got to make Mistress cum with my tongue and then she really teased me like crazy. I was so hard even I don’t know how I didn’t cum. It was absolutely awesome and just what I needed to cheer me up after the dead loss that was Sunday. Honestly my cock was insanely hard and throbbing at the end. 🙂

And in about 90 minutes I will be on 40 days without even a proper orgasm… and 34 since my last ruined one.

Don’t ask about the story though, that is driving me up the wall. Or it would be if I had time to look at the fucking thing. I know it could be good, I just don’t know if I have the patience and the persistence to get it right.

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