The devil finds work for idle minds…

As an aide to weightloss (which is going okay, but slow these last few weeks due to one thing and another…) I have started swimming in the morning before work. I don’t go every day, but I went this morning and after a while it gets a bit tedious and your mind starts to wander.

Inevitably I started thinking about the wonderful teasing that Mistress gave me last night, and how badly I wanted to cum. This led on to all sorts of other things and as is typical I was thinking of loads of things I could add in to my latest story. The thing is I don’t really need any more ideas for my story, what I need is to sort out what I have got and get it to make sense.

Still, those ideas are obviously in my head and I could see me writing a CBT story next (assuming I ever get this one finished). I do worry about my mental state sometimes you know, I mean some of these things really should not be erotic*. And I still find myself toning things down in my stories, which is something I am trying to avoid with this current story, because I really want it to be as hard as my older stories were. I think I mellowed a bit too much over the years and when I re-read ‘Owned’ I was quite shocked by it.


*Is anyone else troubled that they find the whole elastrator thing erotic?

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