5/2 Ruined…

This evening Mistress R racked up another gorgeous orgasm, and most unexpectedly – after some considerable stroking and teasing, Mistress edged me and then allowed me to cum. But once again it was ruined! And boy was it ruined, it was like half as much cum as you would expect from a normal orgasm, and that’s not even taking into consideration that it’s been over thirty days since the last time I was even ruined, never mind the last time I came properly!

It really was an effort to force it out, try as I might, and Mistress wasn’t helping with her infuriating feather-like strokes that are actually more frustrating than not touching me at all. What a complete and utter….ly wonderful Mistress she is! I loved it of course (but hated it too, obviously…) šŸ™‚

So I really can’t believe this now, but since the start of April I have been allowed to cum seven times, but five of them have been ruined! And I’m still stuck on 100 orgasms since April 2011, while Mistress continues to add to her tally every few days. Who knows, maybe she’ll get to 650 before I get to 101?

I’m especially surprised that she ruined me tonight, given that we have our Femdom session coming up at the weekend. I shouldn’t read too much into it I suppose, but in the past I can’t remember Mistress ever letting me cum (or ruining me) in the days before a session. Should I take it that it’s now less likely than before that she’ll allow me to cum in the session, or is it a double bluff? Maybe she’ll ruin me again in the session… I guess I’ll have to wait and find out.

In a twisted way I am so proud of her though, because it really has taken my Mistress a long time to embrace the ruined orgasm, but now it seems she has taken to it, and she seems to have it down too! How lucky am I?

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