More good news…

Following last night’s super frustrating ruined orgasm, I decided to stay up really late and really hammer on with my story. The good news is I think I have sorted out the beginning, which was the part of the story that was giving me huge problems. I cut some of it out and rewrote most of it, but now I’m fairly confident that it sets the right tone. Admittedly this story isn’t quite going to be able to fulfill the initial brief that I gave myself, but I think ultimately I need to write a readable, enjoyable story that doesn’t tie itself in knots trying to be clever and leading the reader left and right to no great purpose.

It’s a bit like a song I suppose, you might start out wanting to include all these twiddly, clever bits, but when it comes down to it often the song is better when you strip all that out. So, we’ll see…

I stayed up until about 1:15am, having spent about 2.5hrs working on it, and I thought I’d done a lot of work, but I realised that I was only on page 5 out of 22. The thing is it’s so long since I wrote the initial bulk of this story that I can barely remember it, and I’m quite shocked just how much text there is still to go.

I’m sure there’s a lot of dialogue in there, because to me the majority of the ‘hotness’ come from the dialogue, or generally the dominant Female side of the dialogue at any rate. And I’m fairly sure that once the story gets going a lot of it will remain largely unchanged, because I tend to be able to write ‘sex’ in a big splurge without too much trouble, it’s all the background and scene setting that I find takes all the trouble.

Hopefully next time I get a chance to pick it up I will be happy with what I did last night, it certainly feels like I have made some significant progress anyway. Which is good because this process has been going on for an unbelievable amount of weeks already.


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