Midnight teasing…

Fridays… it’s hard enough to get up and go swimming the rest of the week, but Fridays are even harder. I wasn’t going to go swimming this morning, but I woke up way before my alarm so I decided to go for it. But then I turned over and saw Mistress R half out of the covers and looking super sexy… I did get up eventually and go swimming, but it didn’t make it easy.

Especially after last night, I had some midnight teasing which left me very hard. I always kiss Mistress’s feet for a while now when she goes to bed, usually I am kneeling at the foot of the bed, but last night I went to bed first and so when she came up I flipped ends and kissed her feet while she was lying on her side facing away. This was an unusual scenario and meant that I was kissing the soles of her feet most of the time. I quite liked it this way and I don’t know whether it was deliberate or not but it was hot how Mistress kept pressing her feet against my face too… oh yes, I liked that!

After a few minutes of this my cock was rock hard and so I asked Mistress if I could touch my cock (haven’t done that in a long time), instead she turned over and started stroking my cock and then started sucking it. She sucked me for a while and then kissed me goodnight, leaving me rock hard and aching. 🙂


If you share my sense of humour then you should definitely check out this blog, it’s fucking hilarious!



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