A big day out followed by some incredible teasing…

So this weekend took a bit of an unexpected turn. On Friday I had an email telling me my new watch was ready for collection (it was supposed to arrive next month) so Mistress and I hastily planned to make a 300 mile round trip to pick it up. Of course I could have had it posted, but as it happened this made for a great day out.

Mistress and I had a lovely meal out in a little village with some amazing views over the hills, and then after we picked up my new watch we had a great time looking around some other shops. We were pretty exhausted by the time we got home and we both felt like our planned session on Sunday was unlikely to happen, especially since we stayed up quite late.

I went to bed around 12:15am or something, but Mistress didn’t come to bed until well after 2am. When she got into bed she found me absolutely rock hard and desperate to hold and kiss her. Mistress teased me beautifully for a while before delivering three or four slaps to my balls and they were probably the hardest ball slaps she’s ever given me. It was quite incredible, and I felt so hard and frustrated and just plain desperate to cum that I could barely get my breath.

As Mistress was teasing me I was trying to tell her something, trying desperately to put into words exactly how I feel about her and how I want her to treat me in future. I completely failed on that front, but felt compelled to get up and write down exactly how I felt, because the feelings inside of me were so strong at that point.

I returned to bed at about 4:15am, and consequently feel like shit today. I haven’t shown what I wrote to Mistress R yet, but I will. Once I have shared it with her I will tell you what I wrote and her response.

For now, our Femdom session has been moved to tomorrow night. Hopefully that works out okay.

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