So close to a ruined / slapped orgasm…

This evening Mistress had another lovely orgasm on my tongue, and afterwards she teased my cock pretty close to the edge. Mistress is definitely embracing the ball and cock slapping now, and that is damned hot!

The best part of tonight’s teasing was definitely right near the end, Mistress was stroking me hard and fast with one hand and repeatedly slapping my balls with the other. That was absolutely incredible. I was seriously wondering if Mistress was going to let me cum (but continue slapping my balls as I came), or if she was going to wait until I edged and then keep slapping my balls until I ruined… I’m sure either of those would have been phenomenal.

But in the end, Mistress took me really close and then left me hanging, throbbing and desperate… which of course is (and always should be) her choice. I really wanted to feel her slapping my balls until I either came or ruined though. Today marks 48 days, I think this is only the third time I’ve got this far (I think), so of course I’m going to start craving release badly.

Of course, at the same time I want to be made to wait a lot longer too… if not indefinitely  🙂

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