Mmm, a nice background hum of an ache…

Swimming this morning, and there’s a definite slight ache in my balls today. Nothing major, just a very low background hum to remind me how AWESOME last night was… 🙂

While I was swimming I was thinking about that video I posted yesterday and more specifically about why I liked it even though it’s obviously a bit fucked up. The main thing for me was just how much she was loving flicking and slapping his balls when they were banded, and how much she was smiling and clearly turned on to be playing with him.

I guess the most difficult thing if you have a fetish (of any kind) is not just to find someone who’s willing to ‘play’ with you, but to find someone who really enjoys it as well. I mean I guess it would be quite hard to find a woman who was willing to band your balls, but very hard to find one who got excited and turned on by the thought and who wanted to slap them and jump up and down on them as well.

That’s why I love it when Mistress paddles me and then I find her pussy is soaking wet. She never actually comes out and says ‘I love paddling your ass’, but the evidence suggests it’s true…

I suppose some people don’t require that kind of mutual arousal, some perhaps prefer the detached ‘disdain’ of a pro-Domme type, berating them for being pathetic etc etc, and that’s fair enough if that’s what rocks your boat.

That being said, there is definitely a place for ‘aloofness’, ‘disdain’ and ‘female superiority’. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t find that kind of thing arousing, because I certainly do. But I’d still prefer to have a sneering, disdainful Mistress who was genuinely turned on when she was wrapping my cock in stinging nettles. And who then laughed as I writhed in pain while she called me a bitch and cropped my balls… 🙂

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