No release…

53 days and no release. And I really, really thought Mistress was going to let me cum tonight… well actually I really thought she was going to ruin me. But no, my cock was stroked, slapped, sucked and stroked again, before Mistress straddled me and sank down onto my cock, riding me to the edge and then dismounting, slapping my cock and balls (oh yeah, my balls got slapped a lot too – I forgot to mention that) and stroking me some more, before letting go and leaving me rock hard and throbbing… fuck!

Still, at least she had a lovely orgasm. šŸ™‚

— — —

Just waiting for Mistress to proof read my (shorter) story and then I think it’s good to go, and don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about Mistress’s photos. Speaking of which, we’re planning another photo session next weekend too, so even more pictures of my gorgeous Mistress to share…

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