Never enough hours in a day…

So, my story has been up on here for a day now… it’s not up on Literotica yet. I think it’s fair to say that Mistress R didn’t enjoy it – which is fair enough. I think I achieved my aim of making it ‘harder’ in content, but at the same time, like any good horror film it was a lot of suggestion, and very little ‘gore’. It would have been easy to write a story about CBT, but I wanted to write a story which had a hard edge, but which was basically about a ‘couple’ fantasizing while they were playing out a scene.

God knows when my other story is going to get finished, it’s getting so old now I’m beginning to wonder if it isn’t going to end up left to rot. It has some similarities to this one, although it’s a completely different story and subject matter. I really hope it does get finished otherwise all that time I’ve already spent on it is wasted.

No photos yet… still working on them (very slowly), but they will be coming sooner or later!

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