More feedback… and a surprise ruined orgasm!

I have two more feedback’s on Literotica, both favourable…

JOHNNY ROTTENCROTCH: Nothing short of fucking awesome! Now *THAT* is a milking story. I’d love to see more of Karen torturing her slave’s cock!


FASfan: Wowee! This was a terrific story – thank you for posting it for us to share. Five stars and favourited!

So far 1208 people have read ‘Do You Think I’m Evil’ (not bad for one day!) and it has a score of 4.5 / 5.0.

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Mistress took me completely by surprise tonight. After I made her cum with my tongue she knelt by me and started stroking my cock. When I was hard she sucked and slapped me and then straddled me and sank down on my cock, facing away from me. After a while she turned around and straddled me facing forward and I begged her to remove her bra and allow me to see her gorgeous breasts.

Unlike last time I felt quite in control and like I could last a while (I wouldn’t have begged to see Mistress’s breasts otherwise!). Mistress started to ride me quite hard and I thought, ‘Okay, she’s going to have me cum inside her and then lick her clean…’.

But no, I was wrong. After riding me for a while she moved off me and started stroking my cock hard and fast. It didn’t take long for me to warn her that I was getting close and she kept stroking just as fast, but moving closer so that her beautiful breasts were right next to my cock. She said something about letting me cum, and she was pumping so fast and hard it never even occurred to me that she was about to ruin me again.

But that’s exactly what she did, and for the first time she ruined me onto her breasts and then had me lick them clean, which was sooo hot! I was just a bit thrown because I wasn’t expecting it at all. Still, surprises don’t get much better than that, do they?

After I had licked Mistress clean I thanked her for allowing me to cum on her breasts and lick them clean. But she made me thank her again, feeling that I should be thanking her for ruining my orgasm too. Needless to say I did as she asked… 🙂

2 thoughts on “More feedback… and a surprise ruined orgasm!

  1. Damn, Rob! That’s hot. It’s been a while since I’ve been allowed to lick my ejaculate off of CH’s beautiful titties, but I’m always ready to do it again… I should drop a few hints…
    How many days has it been now?


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