A great afternoon…

I can’t quite believe the weekend is nearly over, it has gone so fast! Fortunately Mistress and I managed to make time to go to bed this afternoon, I didn’t realise it had been since Wednesday since Mistress had her last orgasm. Well Mistress certainly had a very lovely orgasm today and as I was kissing her feet afterwards I was looking up at her as she lay on the pillows with her eyes closed, completely sated and I just thought how completely beautiful her pussy looked. It was so wet and pink, it almost looked like I had cum inside her. Just a totally gorgeous sight…

After that Mistress teased me like crazy, with some very hard stroking and ball slapping. At one point Mistress edged me and the teased my cock with her tongue and mouth and actually thought I might have ruined into her mouth. I don’t think I did, I’m sure she would have told me… but it really kind of felt like it. Absolutely incredible teasing though, and she left me absolutely rock hard and throbbing like crazy.

It’s been 59 days since I was last allowed to cum properly, and this is only the second time I’ve got this far. Strangely I seem to have gone past the stage where I feel like I could cum really easily, and Mistress really pumped my cock today and I took it easily. It’s quite interesting these little phases that you seem to go through as the days add up.

What with one thing and another Mistress and I decided to delay our next photo session until next week (which is a Bank Holiday here in the UK), so we will be out with friends on Friday night, off lingerie shopping on Saturday, Femdom Session on Sunday and photo session on Monday. Sounds like an awesome weekend don’t you think?


Haven’t had any more comments on my latest story as yet, it’s now been viewed 3475 times (in four days) which isn’t too bad (stories in the Fetish section seem to get less views than other sections) and my score is holding up pretty well with a 4.46 / 5.

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