Is chastity losing it’s appeal?

Well it isn’t for me, that’s for sure… but there seems to be a lot less blogs than there used to be. But then maybe it’s just blogging that’s out of fashion? Why bother to blog when you can repost someone else’s caption or photo. After all we are all soooooooooo busy these days…

When I started there was a really solid foundation of blogs I used to read, but slowly these seem to have disappeared. I know one particular blog which had to be made private, but Q&k’s blog stopped suddenly and no amount of commenting garnered any response. Likewise Harry Haversackers has left the blogosphere to concentrate on captioning pictures of tumblr (ironically, given the grief he gave me for my captions!). Even the totally excellent Sub Hub in Phoenix hasn’t posted since the end of June…

There were others I used to really enjoy as well, although some of them were of questionable authenticity… at least that’s one thing that seems to have died a death, the ‘bullshit’ blog. At one time they seemed to be popping up weekly, one even asked for my help and I made some banners for them. Total bullshit. The usual dead giveaway is the ‘my Mistress locked me in chastity and I haven’t been allowed out’. Well you know what, it doesn’t take much to break a padlock if you really want to.

Some of these people were rather creative and if only they had been honest about their ‘fictional’ endeavours, they probably would have garnered support rather than scorn. Indeed, good chastity and Femdom authors are in short supply and would be welcomed with open arms, I for one would be happy to promote them here. But bullshitting people isn’t going to win you any friends and inevitably these blogs usually lasted only a week or two before mysteriously disappearing.

One of the problems of the bullshit blog was always that the speed of progress was all wrong. You only have to look at my blog to see that this is a marathon not a sprint. It took Mistress five years to really become comfortable ruining my orgasms, which is probably several years longer than it would be fair to expect, but it just illustrates my point. A blog where the protagonist goes from a vanilla lifestyle straight into a 100 days of locked up chastity is almost certainly utter fantasy. And no one buys a steel chastity device straight off the bat either, those things are seriously expensive.

Of course there are good blogs out there and the best place to find them is probably KEYHELD. When my original Google blog appeared on Keyheld my views went through the roof, so I can’t thank them enough for their help establishing my blog and their continued support today. Even so, despite their impressive list of blogs, an awful lot of them haven’t posted anything in the last month.

The other place of course, is fetblogger which was set up by the formidable Lady M when Google started making noises about cutting us off for being perverts and undesirables, and to whom we are eternally grateful (even though in the end Google backed down, nobody trusts them and I would urge anyone with a Fetish blog to contact Lady M about moving over and joining the alliance of deviants!).

One blog that I haven’t come across before (until just now) is the Male Chastity Journal, which seems like it merits further investigation!

3 thoughts on “Is chastity losing it’s appeal?

  1. Ha ha! You got me, Rob!!

    I think you’ll find that blogs on any topic of personal activity come and go regularly. I find it quite amazing (and enjoyable) that you’re still active at it.

    I found (and you’ve mentioned fearing this, yourself, in the past) that there wasn’t enough new stuff – Day 255 of denial… Same as Day 254… Not allowed to come!! – going on for me to write a decent post about, so the blog just faded away.

    On the Tumblr front, you’ll notice that I rarely reblog captioned posts – “captioned” meaning photos that feature the blogger’s thoughts laid over the photo. I prefer to add my comments below an un-doctored photo so that the next guy who likes the photo can delete my “story” and make up his own.


    • Hi Harry
      Yes, blogging about a pure chastity relationship is definitely not going to be easy long term. How many ways can you describe ‘not’ doing something? This is why the most readable blogs are the ones concerning Femdom or cuckolding or some other ‘activity’, we don’t have a massive amount of Femdom to write about, but thankfully we do have our sessions, although I appreciate that a lot of the time they do tend to follow a pattern…
      And yes, for sure there have been times when I’ve lost patience and felt like the blog was pointless. Some of the times when I’ve felt like our progress was at a standstill, and I just couldn’t see the point in blogging, and there were periods of up to a couple of weeks where I blogged nothing, because there was nothing to write. And there’s also been times when I blog about nothing for the sake of blogging ‘something’ too… but like you say, one of the few still going strong five years down the line.
      I forgot to mention Good Hubby too, his blog was awesome. Scary, but awesome.

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