In for the long haul…

Harry Haversackers: “I think you’ll find that blogs on any topic of personal activity come and go regularly. I find it quite amazing (and enjoyable) that you’re still active at it.”

I guess for any blog to continue for five years plus is quite good going, but like Lemmy used to say when asked what was the secret of Motorhead’s longevity… “the secret to keeping going, is not stopping.”

I guess I do have something of an advantage in that from the beginning I wanted my blog to be more than just a place for me to write about my chastity journey* ‘experiences’.

But this can be a double edged sword, recently my page views have been on the rise (although the last few days inactivity have meant they’ve died down a bit).


Actually that’s quite reassuring, because that means my posts actually have an impact on the statistics. Sometimes I go a few days without posting and I have a big spike in views and I can’t help but think, ‘Oh, so it doesn’t really matter if I post or not then?’

There are 325+ video links on the video pages, plus all my stories, captions and Mistress R’s galleries, so if one person comes here for a massive session they can really boost my scores, which is great of course, but at the same time it doesn’t inspire you to create content.

Speaking of content…

It’s been a few days since I looked at my long story, I have been working on it, I even spent a couple of hours in my car working on it, just trying to get it finished. It’s up to 12,000 words now, though that may come down again if I start ripping the start to bits. I’m kinda happy with the bulk of it, but the first couple of pages are awkward as fuck. Strangely, because I wrote it in a few chunks and then started back at the start and spent several weeks on the first few pages, I had forgotten the rest of it and it doesn’t seem as ‘edgy’ as I wanted it to be.

But maybe that’s a good thing, Mistress R certainly didn’t like my last story and I didn’t get a massive reaction to it either way. It was a bit of a quick, off the cuff piece of writing but still, its up to 5000 views on Literotica with a score of 4.52 / 5 which is pretty good.

Speaking of my Literotica ratings, here’s a quick rundown on my current scores (with links)

4.70 – Punishing Scott’s Balls (2015)

4.64 – Girls Talk (2015)

4.64 – The Conversation (2011)

4.60 – Frustration (2015)

4.56 – Daniel Strokes for his Mistress (2014)

4.55 – Out of Your Hands: Ch.1-3 (2010)

4.52 – Do You Think I’m Evil? (2016)

4.49 – The Next Step (2011)

4.49 – Everything Has a Price: Ch.1-15 (2011)

4.48 – Option A or Option B (2010)

4.48 – Kate’s Story (2012)

4.47 – Once a Month II (2014)

4.47 – The Longest Week (2010)

4.47 – The Twelfth Day (2010)

4.44 – More Fun With Dice! (2010)

4.42 – Oliver Accepts his Place (2011)

4.41 – Katherine’s New Game (2013)

4.39 – Jodie’s Second Appointment (2013)

4.38 – A New Approach to an Old Problem (2011)

4.38 – By Invitation (2009)

4.37 – Once a Month (2011)

4.37 – A Game of Tease and Denial (2010)

4.37 – Mistress Claudia’s Cumslut (1999)

4.36 – Owned! Ch.1-8 (2006)

4.36 – Strap On Submission (2014)

4.36 – Jennifer Secures the Deal (2010)

4.34 – Jodie’s First Appointment (2000)

4.33 – A Game with Dice (2010)

4.31 – The New Secretary (2009)

4.23 – The Anniversary (2008)

4.22 – Testing Carol’s Limits (2011)

4.14 – Inspection (2011)

4.08 – Nicola and Master Tom (2011)

4.04 – Submission Time Again (2009)

3.56 – Thirty Seven Days (2011)

A couple of things make me chuckle here, one is the title ‘Submission Time Again’, which was written in 2009 – about the time I got into Depeche Mode (classic album: Construction Time Again). Also, it’s quite funny that I would have written stories called ‘The Longest Week’, then ‘The Twelfth Day’, then ‘Thirty Seven Days’… kind of shows you how my own chastity journey experience has progressed I think!

If you were to ask me which was my best story, I think I would probably say ‘Girls Talk’, so it’s gratifying to see it right up there in second place, and also it’s rewarding that most of my newer stories are in the top half of the chart, so at least I’m not a has been who should quit while he’s ahead! 🙂


*People who use the word ‘journey’ when they mean ‘experience/s’ should be punched in the face, and yes you might find I’ve done it in the past. Feel free to point out examples of my hypocrisy, but know that it was always used ironically.



2 thoughts on “In for the long haul…

  1. Hi Robert,

    I remember a story that I read a few years ago. It was incredibly hot and I’d like to share it with my girlfriend, but I’m not sure who wrote it, and can’t find it. I’m wondering if you might recognize it as one of yours?

    It’s about a boyfriend & girlfriend experimenting with chastity and denial, and in the story she ties him to their bed (or possibly sofa?) for his ‘release’ and then pretends to have lost the keys, which are in fact on a nearby shelf (or something similar). She then proceeds to bring her ex in, to the surprise of the boyfriend. They fuck hard, as if he wasn’t even there. (That point was reiterated in the story) The boyfriend goes through the usual thoughts etc, and in the end, after the ex leaves, the girlfriend finally “remembers” where she left the keys, but when asked about the release, replies with something like “What release?”, all smiles.

    Love your work.
    Thanks a lot,

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