Should have known better…

Planning a Femdom session for a Bank Holiday is always going to be ‘subject to change’, planning a Femdom session for a Bank Holiday when we have been out with friends and got into bed at 3:30am and then got up at 8am to go into town was always going to be ‘optimistic’ in the extreme.

And so it has proven. Being in our mid 40s we can certainly stay up until 3:30am, we just need a few days to get over it! Add in to the mix that Bank Holidays are traditionally ‘days off the diet’ and you can see that the whole thing was teetering on a cliff’s edge right from the very start.

But anyway, we have rescheduled for next Sunday, which will be great because that gives us a week to eat properly and me a week to swim everyday, so we’ll both be feeling a lot brighter by then.

On Saturday we went into town and one of the objectives was to find some nice lingerie for Mistress R so that we can take some more pictures of her. We didn’t have an enormous amount of success with that. I thought there would be a huge choice and we would be having to choose which ones we liked the best, but it didn’t really work out like that. Mistress did manage to find a couple of pairs of lacy knickers, but I was expecting there to be more ‘sets’ to choose from.

I suggested going to Ann Summers, not least because the last few times we’ve been in there all it seemed to sell was lingerie (although I did see one cock shaped soap, sadly no chocolate nipples – well I say sadly…). But even that proved a bit of a bust. Everything seemed remarkably similar and just came in different colours, some of which were pretty garish.

I remember years ago, I mean twenty years ago, going in to an Ann Summers on Tottenham Court Road in London and there was a back room full of bondage gear, sex toys and porn mags, but those days have gone for sure. These days the ‘bondage section’ consists of a pair of handcuffs (although to be fair at least they weren’t fluffy), a seriously shit blindfold and a crop. And that was about it I think…

Still, hopefully this week we might be able to locate and purchase some lingerie off the internet and get it here for next weekend so that we can take so more piccies.

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