Keep on keepin on…

Busy, busy, busy… I don’t seem to get five minutes to post at the moment, especially during the week. Still, last night there was some action and after licking Mistress’s beautiful pussy to orgasm she set about teasing me very nicely. Mistress seems to be hitting my balls harder than she used to, which sometimes I really like and sometimes I don’t so much… it’s hard to tell until she actually does it how I feel about it. I think it depends how horny I am at any given moment. When I’m really horny I really love it, and want it even harder than she does it now… such a difficult thing for Mistress to gauge, but I’d rather have it than not have it, if you know what I mean. 🙂

I’ve been denied 24 days again already, it seems to rack up so quickly now. I can’t really imagine being allowed to cum at less than 20 days anymore, so I don’t even really think about it until after that… in fact I don’t think about it much at all to be honest. Denial is the new normal for me, it’s just that once every couple of months (?) I get to cum and then it’s back to denial again. But this is what I asked for after all and I do love it, I love that my cock is always hard when I want it to be, and I adore getting so close and then Mistress leaving me throbbing, can’t beat that feeling…

Last night I was also allowed to worship Mistress’s sexy ass while she stroked me, that was fantastic. It seems a long time since I was allowed to do that, although it was probably only a few weeks. I really love feeling my tongue pressing into her hole as she pounds my cock, how I don’t accidentally unload is quite incredible to me. Mistress assures me there will be more pussy worship tonight, but I doubt I would be allowed to taste her ass two nights in a row – you never know though…

Our next Femdom session should take place on Sunday, which just happens to be the date of our wedding anniversary as well (23 years), and as always I will post a report as soon as I can find a window!

Well worth a read…

Here’s a very interesting post from a blog called ‘Cuckolding Nathan’, which is well worth a read. I tried to leave a comment, but after four attempts and being told I wasn’t signed in every single time I gave up. Bah!

It’s a very hot post until the end when it all turns a bit sour… which is a shame, it must have been a very awkward situation for both Patty and Nathan.

Swinger’s Party #2

Sixteen days already…

It’s nearly six months into this chastity year and it’s clear that things have changed more quickly than I could ever really have hoped for. At this point last year I had been allowed eight orgasms and eventually went on to finish on a total of eighteen. This year since April 1st I’ve been allowed just three orgasms, with a finishing total as yet unknown but unlikely to be in double figures I would have thought. By contrast I’ve had six ruined orgasms (last year it was two), which is as many as I have had in any other year since 2011.

Tonight was great, Mistress had a lovely orgasm on my tongue and then after teasing me for a while, she rode my cock. It felt amazing but it was getting hard to hold back and I was super happy when she lifted off me and sank down onto my face and had me lick her pussy. Then she turned around and slipped my cock inside her again, before standing up and stroking my cock while I looked up at her gorgeous pussy and ass.

Mistress kindly allowed me to lick her ass twice as she stroked my cock hard, fortunately by this time I had managed to find my equilibrium and was able to hold back even though she was stroking me quite hard and even though I had my tongue buried in her sexy asshole. 🙂

Afterwards Mistress asked me how many days it had been and she was very surprised to learn that it was sixteen days already. She said she thought it was still in single figures! Ha.


Some of you might like to check out this blog which I just became aware of due to CollaredMichael leaving a comment on this blog.

Dropping off the face of the Earth…

Wow, eleven days without a post! That’s not very good is it? Well, there hasn’t been much to write about to be fair, and Mistress and I were on holiday… a few days on the ‘English Riviera’ (where, in the hottest September since time began, we experienced thunder and rainstorms!).

Still today was good, Mistress started off my day with some hard edging, in fact I must have come very, very close to ruining and I was half expecting my cock to leak when I eventually went soft. Later this afternoon Mistress got a lovely orgasm on my tongue, which I really enjoyed giving her. I was kind of going out of my way to make it extra good for her, and I think it worked. 🙂

Anyway, my big project for our week off was to finish my 12,000 word story, but unsurprisingly I haven’t. And in fact I think it’s dead in the water. I’m considering a total rewrite which will change it beyond all recognition, but I think it may be the only way to do it.

My original plan was… as I mentioned, I had this email from this guy who said he loved my stories but they made him feel bad about himself and he wished I would write something where the ‘wife’ didn’t enjoy her husband’s suffering so much, where it was more about their ‘love’ for each other.

Now I kind of think that for the guy, the wife ‘enjoying’ his suffering is a big part of the appeal, massive in fact. I mean may I refer the reader back to that Elastrator video… what made that video hot was the woman’s obvious excitement, and pretty much every caption or video out there is based on the woman ‘enjoying’ the subs ‘suffering’…

But still, I thought I would take it as a challenge, to write a story that was edgy, but that my reader would like and so I hatched the idea of a story which tricked the reader into thinking that he was reading about a slave and a (possibly pro-) domme, where the woman was in a relationship with another guy and she used this to taunt him. Kind of like a cuckold story, but with a different angle on it.

The twist at the end was that they were actually married and they had been playing out a fantasy scenario. The idea was also to show how you could play out quite an extreme scenario, without any harm because it was all ‘fantasy’.

But sadly this just hasn’t worked out. I’m not sure what I will do with the story now, it may end up a complete scrapper, or it might be rewritten so that it excludes those elements that make it unworkable, which will leave it rather less original, but with more potential appeal.

To be honest, the twist didn’t really work and I think that I would have received a lot of comments along the lines of ‘loved this until the stupid twist at the end, what a cop-out!’, so at least that has been avoided.

That effity-jeffity story…

Had another look at my long running (and very long) story, and I really can’t work out why it doesn’t work. I’m starting to think I’m either going to have to scrap it, or rewrite it completely. It just does not work and I’m very annoyed, not least because I have devoted a lot of time to it and I don’t want to throw away 12,000 words!

On a more positive note, last night Mistress had a lovely orgasm and I got my first teasing since my orgasm on Sunday. It was great, and my cock was super-hard, but then it was already super-hard on Monday morning (which I was very surprised about), it’s almost as though I hadn’t been allowed to cum at all. I seem to remember Harry Haversackers saying something to the effect that the longer you stay in chastity the less effect release has, and that seems to be the case. Which is great! Who wants to go into that post-orgasm lull and lack of horniness, I certainly don’t!

Femdom Session: 4th September 2016

My longest period of chastity yet has finally come to an end. My last orgasm was on the 23rd of June, which I reckon makes the new record 72 days, a whole ten days longer than the previous record, which was (coincidentally) set on the 23rd of June 2016!

I went into our session today, thinking it was more than likely that Mistress would have me cum and when it came down to it, I had absolutely no reservations about cumming whatsoever. Yes tomorrow I’ll be waking up on day one again, but it’s amazing how quickly it goes by and before you know it you’re two weeks in and then it’s not long until your first ruin and… then it’s 35 days and you can’t quite believe it already!

I think Mistress probably expected me to get close while she was stroking my cock, my tongue buried in her ass… but I held back magnificently. But after that she straddled me and rode my cock, looking down at me looking as sexy as hell with her red lipstick on and it started to get harder and harder to resist.

Mistress piled on the pressure, talking about how wet her pussy was and how good my cock felt inside her and how much I must want her to let me shoot in her pussy after so long. Eventually I cracked and told her I was getting close. Mistress smiled and pounded my cock harder still, telling me to cum inside her.

It felt pretty fucking amazing, I can tell you. I haven’t cum inside my gorgeous Mistress since April (134 days, also a new record), so that was something I was really longing to do. And her pussy felt incredible as she milked my cock dry… no sooner had I finished cumming and she was up and dropping her soaking pussy on my face for me to lick her clean. To be honest there wasn’t much to clean up, my cum was planted deep inside her, but it was still very hot anyway.

Mistress was pretty amazing throughout the whole session, I particularly liked when she talked about edging me and slapping the cum out of my balls. I really hope she does that one day soon. And watching her sliding down on my cock from behind was pretty awesome… Not to mention I had some very, very intense strap-on play. That was something else… very intense and definitely made me rethink the need for a bigger strap-on!

I am thinking seriously about getting another glass dildo like Mistress R’s, for my own use. Ages ago, Mistress used her dildo on my by mistake (she had her dildo in one hand and the ring end dildo in the other and she pushed hers inside me!). I knew straight away it wasn’t the ring-end one and it felt okay. Sometimes the ring end one just won’t stay inside me, which is why I bought the glass butt plug, but that is a bit too wide and is a nightmare to get out (Mistress certainly can’t do it with her nails) plus she can’t ‘fuck’ me with it. I would really like for Mistress to edge me and then fuck my ass until I ruin, I am sure that would be the most frustrating orgasm ever. 🙂

Mistress did look absolutely gorgeous today, she looks amazing when she’s full on into the session, so beautiful, sexy, hot and just fucking WOW!

Another awesome session, and another period of denial is over.

Photo shoot finished, another day passes and Bachelor in Paradise…

Well the photo session went okay, not as many good ones as last time though it has to be said, it was quite frustrating for one reason and another, not least trying to move the bed so that I could get the pictures we wanted and also trying to light the shots with our crappy ceiling lights!

As you can tell, I’m not a professional photographer by any means!

Still, there are some good shots, and some very good shots of Mistress’s beautiful legs, which will definitely be finding their way onto Mistress’s gallery blog.

–  –  –  –  –  –  –

In other news, today marks 71 days since my last proper orgasm. Will I get to cum tomorrow in our Femdom Session? Or will Mistress ruin me again, or will she not let me cum at all? I guess we’ll all find out tomorrow…

–  –  –  –  –  –  –

Mistress and I pretty much obsessed with the American TV show ‘The Bachelor’ (and the Australian one now as well, and Bachelor in Paradise too), and we are shocked to find out that creepy Nick is the new Bachelor. Seriously, this dude has already been on two seasons and been spurned at the last hurdle and is currently creating ‘drama’ with Uber-Knobhead Josh on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’… how many chances does this guy get?

Still it seems the alternative was personality ‘black-hole’ Luke from JoJo’s season, a man who can stare into the middle distance like no other and can trick horses into laying down just using his mind… yeah, but he was fucking boring! Can’t help thinking the producers must have been kicking themselves, there they had Chase already to be the next Bachelor and he goes and blows it by giving JoJo a mouthful after she dumped him in the Fantasy Suite. Fair play, to be fair, if you get taken to the fantasy suite, you expect to be the one doing the shafting…

Of course, in typical spoiler style they’ve announced Nick’s anointment while he’s still oafing around with desperately dull Jen on Bachelor in Paradise, so we are to presume their blossoming relationship doesn’t have a happy ending then. Going to be hard giving a shit watching him looking at rings and eulogising to the camera about how Jen could be the ‘one’ and how he’s finally found his perfect match. No, might as well cut to a tearful Jen, sobbing into her lustrous hair and whimpering that she’s been ‘blindsided’.

‘Blindsided’ is a big thing on The Bachelor. Right up there with ‘letting my guard down’, ‘everything happens for a reason’ and ‘keeping my guard up’. Seriously, if you played a drinking game using those four phrases you’d be drunk by the first advert break.

The producers of the show aren’t having much luck at the moment, what with unpredictable muscle-monkey Chad screwing up his starring role after just one episode. Seriously, you can get away with a lot on the Bachelor, but calling a disabled woman a ‘one armed bitch’, there’s no coming back from that, and Chad was rightfully jettisoned (although not before he made a big fuss about being mistreated and misunderstood).


It was indeed a shame, as Chad promised to bring much entertainment to the screen, and it was all (slowly) downhill from that epic first episode. At least Chad’s buddy Daniel was still there to lighten the mood with his bizarre sense of humour (well he is a Canadian), but despite his best efforts, he didn’t manage to make it to the end either, with the twins bowing out and failing to even give him a consolation prize ‘Rose’.

Okay, so that’s enough about The Bachelor I think, normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

Stan’s Question…

I had a comment left on my blog yesterday from Stan, which basically asked what’s the best way to hold back from cumming when you are denied so that your Mistress can cum with you inside her. Now I wrote a pretty large post, which was almost entirely waffle and didn’t answer Stan’s question in the slightest… so I decided to start again and perhaps ask for input from my readers?

For me one of the most difficult things to get used to about long term chastity and having Mistress decide when I am allowed inside her, is that she doesn’t require my cock inside her half as much as I thought she would. I am okay with that now, but for a while it was difficult to understand…

That and the fact that Mistress R doesn’t cum from penetration renders my input here a little limited, but still I do have to hold back when Mistress does decide to ride my cock. The first thing I would say is that it’s a lot easier for me to hold back if Mistress is on top, mainly because it takes the ‘thrusting’ out of the equation (at least to some extent), most guys can’t really ‘thrust’ that long without cumming, so a chastised guy is really pushing his luck.

As I understand it, it’s generally accepted that the ‘on top’ position is best for a lot of women (desperately trying to avoid generalisation here but…) so this kinda works hand in hand, but I know some guys find staying hard difficult when the woman is on top (never had that problem myself – if I can’t stay hard it’s not the position). Stan hasn’t gone into too much detail so maybe his Mistress is already on top, I don’t know…

Long time friend of the blog Harry Haversackers has written before about how his wife uses numbing cream and a condom to render his cock er… numb, so that she can ride it without him feeling a thing and thus not cumming. I can’t remember if he used a cock ring as well, I’m guessing so as to me that complete lack of sensation would mean it would be tough to stay hard…

As for thinking of ‘baseball’, well I’ve never found that to be particularly effective (and not least because I don’t know the first thing about baseball, being English – we call it Rounders don’t we?), I do find myself going into a bit of what I can only describe as a ‘trance’ (bit poncey I know) where I am partially disengaged. I can’t really describe how it happens, I could imagine it being a bit like Yoga where you breathe a certain way and relax your body, it’s just something that’s evolved over the years and I certainly couldn’t tell you how to do it, but there may be others on the internet who can.

Truthfully, from reading blogs over the years I can’t think of anyone who is denied long term who can last a long time without cumming. But Stan hasn’t specified whether he means that his wife wants him inside her when she cums or whether she wants him to ‘fuck’ her to orgasm.

I would suggest maybe getting her close (with your tongue?) and then having her ride your cock to orgasm or just try using a dildo (glass is totally recommended) while you lick her pussy. Maybe it’s the sensation of being full she likes, and from my own experience Mistress R really, really likes her glass dildo!

So come on guys, let’s hear you comments below, how do you do it?