It’s clear that something has changed…

More wonderful teasing for me tonight, and another orgasm for Mistress R… and when I came to update the Orgasms page on here, I kind of realised something that I hadn’t actually grasped (don’t ask me why not, cos it’s so obvious that it sounds stupid), the record that I just beat (the 64 day record) was set by my last orgasm. For some reason I hadn’t quite appreciated the significance of that or that that was in fact the case!

Which means that not only did Mistress push me further last time, but whereas in previous times a record is usually followed by a shorter period of denial, this time it absolutely hasn’t been. So something has obviously changed, and that means definite progress here. Maybe it’s the ruined orgasms, after all, without them it did tend to limit the opportunities for extending denial. But I’m pretty sure Mistress has never set a record and then immediately broken it before.

Maybe my letter played a part in that, but whatever the reason, I think it’s awesome that Mistress is really pushing me now. It makes me wonder if Mistress might hit 650 orgasms before I get to 101?

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