Photo shoot finished, another day passes and Bachelor in Paradise…

Well the photo session went okay, not as many good ones as last time though it has to be said, it was quite frustrating for one reason and another, not least trying to move the bed so that I could get the pictures we wanted and also trying to light the shots with our crappy ceiling lights!

As you can tell, I’m not a professional photographer by any means!

Still, there are some good shots, and some very good shots of Mistress’s beautiful legs, which will definitely be finding their way onto Mistress’s gallery blog.

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In other news, today marks 71 days since my last proper orgasm. Will I get to cum tomorrow in our Femdom Session? Or will Mistress ruin me again, or will she not let me cum at all? I guess we’ll all find out tomorrow…

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Mistress and I pretty much obsessed with the American TV show ‘The Bachelor’ (and the Australian one now as well, and Bachelor in Paradise too), and we are shocked to find out that creepy Nick is the new Bachelor. Seriously, this dude has already been on two seasons and been spurned at the last hurdle and is currently creating ‘drama’ with Uber-Knobhead Josh on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’… how many chances does this guy get?

Still it seems the alternative was personality ‘black-hole’ Luke from JoJo’s season, a man who can stare into the middle distance like no other and can trick horses into laying down just using his mind… yeah, but he was fucking boring! Can’t help thinking the producers must have been kicking themselves, there they had Chase already to be the next Bachelor and he goes and blows it by giving JoJo a mouthful after she dumped him in the Fantasy Suite. Fair play, to be fair, if you get taken to the fantasy suite, you expect to be the one doing the shafting…

Of course, in typical spoiler style they’ve announced Nick’s anointment while he’s still oafing around with desperately dull Jen on Bachelor in Paradise, so we are to presume their blossoming relationship doesn’t have a happy ending then. Going to be hard giving a shit watching him looking at rings and eulogising to the camera about how Jen could be the ‘one’ and how he’s finally found his perfect match. No, might as well cut to a tearful Jen, sobbing into her lustrous hair and whimpering that she’s been ‘blindsided’.

‘Blindsided’ is a big thing on The Bachelor. Right up there with ‘letting my guard down’, ‘everything happens for a reason’ and ‘keeping my guard up’. Seriously, if you played a drinking game using those four phrases you’d be drunk by the first advert break.

The producers of the show aren’t having much luck at the moment, what with unpredictable muscle-monkey Chad screwing up his starring role after just one episode. Seriously, you can get away with a lot on the Bachelor, but calling a disabled woman a ‘one armed bitch’, there’s no coming back from that, and Chad was rightfully jettisoned (although not before he made a big fuss about being mistreated and misunderstood).


It was indeed a shame, as Chad promised to bring much entertainment to the screen, and it was all (slowly) downhill from that epic first episode. At least Chad’s buddy Daniel was still there to lighten the mood with his bizarre sense of humour (well he is a Canadian), but despite his best efforts, he didn’t manage to make it to the end either, with the twins bowing out and failing to even give him a consolation prize ‘Rose’.

Okay, so that’s enough about The Bachelor I think, normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

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    • Hi MM
      Bachelor is finished now until Nick’s season. Really… Nick? Shifty Nick does not deserve a season of his own does he?

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