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I had a comment left on my blog yesterday from Stan, which basically asked what’s the best way to hold back from cumming when you are denied so that your Mistress can cum with you inside her. Now I wrote a pretty large post, which was almost entirely waffle and didn’t answer Stan’s question in the slightest… so I decided to start again and perhaps ask for input from my readers?

For me one of the most difficult things to get used to about long term chastity and having Mistress decide when I am allowed inside her, is that she doesn’t require my cock inside her half as much as I thought she would. I am okay with that now, but for a while it was difficult to understand…

That and the fact that Mistress R doesn’t cum from penetration renders my input here a little limited, but still I do have to hold back when Mistress does decide to ride my cock. The first thing I would say is that it’s a lot easier for me to hold back if Mistress is on top, mainly because it takes the ‘thrusting’ out of the equation (at least to some extent), most guys can’t really ‘thrust’ that long without cumming, so a chastised guy is really pushing his luck.

As I understand it, it’s generally accepted that the ‘on top’ position is best for a lot of women (desperately trying to avoid generalisation here but…) so this kinda works hand in hand, but I know some guys find staying hard difficult when the woman is on top (never had that problem myself – if I can’t stay hard it’s not the position). Stan hasn’t gone into too much detail so maybe his Mistress is already on top, I don’t know…

Long time friend of the blog Harry Haversackers has written before about how his wife uses numbing cream and a condom to render his cock er… numb, so that she can ride it without him feeling a thing and thus not cumming. I can’t remember if he used a cock ring as well, I’m guessing so as to me that complete lack of sensation would mean it would be tough to stay hard…

As for thinking of ‘baseball’, well I’ve never found that to be particularly effective (and not least because I don’t know the first thing about baseball, being English – we call it Rounders don’t we?), I do find myself going into a bit of what I can only describe as a ‘trance’ (bit poncey I know) where I am partially disengaged. I can’t really describe how it happens, I could imagine it being a bit like Yoga where you breathe a certain way and relax your body, it’s just something that’s evolved over the years and I certainly couldn’t tell you how to do it, but there may be others on the internet who can.

Truthfully, from reading blogs over the years I can’t think of anyone who is denied long term who can last a long time without cumming. But Stan hasn’t specified whether he means that his wife wants him inside her when she cums or whether she wants him to ‘fuck’ her to orgasm.

I would suggest maybe getting her close (with your tongue?) and then having her ride your cock to orgasm or just try using a dildo (glass is totally recommended) while you lick her pussy. Maybe it’s the sensation of being full she likes, and from my own experience Mistress R really, really likes her glass dildo!

So come on guys, let’s hear you comments below, how do you do it?



2 thoughts on “Stan’s Question…

  1. I have extenders and I use numbing cream. Together they allow me to go go go. After a while I get into a space where I can take the extension off and fuck her with just my cock. My Queen loves penetration and does orgasm from it so it is something I need to be able to do.

  2. Thank you for the mention, Rob.

    I can only speak for myself, but staying hard is easy. Fucking my loving partner, while deliberately being shut out and made to feel nothing is so deliciously kinky, it keeps me rock hard.

    In addition, there’s a large dose of satisfaction knowing that I can pleasure her and still stay within the boundaries she’s set (No coming, now! Not tonight!)

    And, yes, there is a nice snug cock ring there to help out


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