That effity-jeffity story…

Had another look at my long running (and very long) story, and I really can’t work out why it doesn’t work. I’m starting to think I’m either going to have to scrap it, or rewrite it completely. It just does not work and I’m very annoyed, not least because I have devoted a lot of time to it and I don’t want to throw away 12,000 words!

On a more positive note, last night Mistress had a lovely orgasm and I got my first teasing since my orgasm on Sunday. It was great, and my cock was super-hard, but then it was already super-hard on Monday morning (which I was very surprised about), it’s almost as though I hadn’t been allowed to cum at all. I seem to remember Harry Haversackers saying something to the effect that the longer you stay in chastity the less effect release has, and that seems to be the case. Which is great! Who wants to go into that post-orgasm lull and lack of horniness, I certainly don’t!

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