Dropping off the face of the Earth…

Wow, eleven days without a post! That’s not very good is it? Well, there hasn’t been much to write about to be fair, and Mistress and I were on holiday… a few days on the ‘English Riviera’ (where, in the hottest September since time began, we experienced thunder and rainstorms!).

Still today was good, Mistress started off my day with some hard edging, in fact I must have come very, very close to ruining and I was half expecting my cock to leak when I eventually went soft. Later this afternoon Mistress got a lovely orgasm on my tongue, which I really enjoyed giving her. I was kind of going out of my way to make it extra good for her, and I think it worked. 🙂

Anyway, my big project for our week off was to finish my 12,000 word story, but unsurprisingly I haven’t. And in fact I think it’s dead in the water. I’m considering a total rewrite which will change it beyond all recognition, but I think it may be the only way to do it.

My original plan was… as I mentioned, I had this email from this guy who said he loved my stories but they made him feel bad about himself and he wished I would write something where the ‘wife’ didn’t enjoy her husband’s suffering so much, where it was more about their ‘love’ for each other.

Now I kind of think that for the guy, the wife ‘enjoying’ his suffering is a big part of the appeal, massive in fact. I mean may I refer the reader back to that Elastrator video… what made that video hot was the woman’s obvious excitement, and pretty much every caption or video out there is based on the woman ‘enjoying’ the subs ‘suffering’…

But still, I thought I would take it as a challenge, to write a story that was edgy, but that my reader would like and so I hatched the idea of a story which tricked the reader into thinking that he was reading about a slave and a (possibly pro-) domme, where the woman was in a relationship with another guy and she used this to taunt him. Kind of like a cuckold story, but with a different angle on it.

The twist at the end was that they were actually married and they had been playing out a fantasy scenario. The idea was also to show how you could play out quite an extreme scenario, without any harm because it was all ‘fantasy’.

But sadly this just hasn’t worked out. I’m not sure what I will do with the story now, it may end up a complete scrapper, or it might be rewritten so that it excludes those elements that make it unworkable, which will leave it rather less original, but with more potential appeal.

To be honest, the twist didn’t really work and I think that I would have received a lot of comments along the lines of ‘loved this until the stupid twist at the end, what a cop-out!’, so at least that has been avoided.

5 thoughts on “Dropping off the face of the Earth…

  1. I’ve tried a few stories (mostly femdom stuff). They seldom turn out as I like but usually work. It’s difficult when they don’t work and you have to scrap all that work. You’ll figure something out in the end.
    Btw, nice to see you back!

    • Hi Collaredmichael
      Thanks for your comment, it is really annoying to waste all those hours but sometimes it just doesn’t work and there’s no point in throwing good time after bad. I’ve already done far more rewriting on this one than I usually do and it still isn’t right, so I think the only option now is to either bin it or completely rewrite it from scratch.

      BTW, I will check out your blog when I get a minute!


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