Sixteen days already…

It’s nearly six months into this chastity year and it’s clear that things have changed more quickly than I could ever really have hoped for. At this point last year I had been allowed eight orgasms and eventually went on to finish on a total of eighteen. This year since April 1st I’ve been allowed just three orgasms, with a finishing total as yet unknown but unlikely to be in double figures I would have thought. By contrast I’ve had six ruined orgasms (last year it was two), which is as many as I have had in any other year since 2011.

Tonight was great, Mistress had a lovely orgasm on my tongue and then after teasing me for a while, she rode my cock. It felt amazing but it was getting hard to hold back and I was super happy when she lifted off me and sank down onto my face and had me lick her pussy. Then she turned around and slipped my cock inside her again, before standing up and stroking my cock while I looked up at her gorgeous pussy and ass.

Mistress kindly allowed me to lick her ass twice as she stroked my cock hard, fortunately by this time I had managed to find my equilibrium and was able to hold back even though she was stroking me quite hard and even though I had my tongue buried in her sexy asshole. šŸ™‚

Afterwards Mistress asked me how many days it had been and she was very surprised to learn that it was sixteen days already. She said she thought it was still in single figures! Ha.


Some of you might like to check out this blog which I just became aware of due to CollaredMichael leaving a comment on this blog.

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