Keep on keepin on…

Busy, busy, busy… I don’t seem to get five minutes to post at the moment, especially during the week. Still, last night there was some action and after licking Mistress’s beautiful pussy to orgasm she set about teasing me very nicely. Mistress seems to be hitting my balls harder than she used to, which sometimes I really like and sometimes I don’t so much… it’s hard to tell until she actually does it how I feel about it. I think it depends how horny I am at any given moment. When I’m really horny I really love it, and want it even harder than she does it now… such a difficult thing for Mistress to gauge, but I’d rather have it than not have it, if you know what I mean. 🙂

I’ve been denied 24 days again already, it seems to rack up so quickly now. I can’t really imagine being allowed to cum at less than 20 days anymore, so I don’t even really think about it until after that… in fact I don’t think about it much at all to be honest. Denial is the new normal for me, it’s just that once every couple of months (?) I get to cum and then it’s back to denial again. But this is what I asked for after all and I do love it, I love that my cock is always hard when I want it to be, and I adore getting so close and then Mistress leaving me throbbing, can’t beat that feeling…

Last night I was also allowed to worship Mistress’s sexy ass while she stroked me, that was fantastic. It seems a long time since I was allowed to do that, although it was probably only a few weeks. I really love feeling my tongue pressing into her hole as she pounds my cock, how I don’t accidentally unload is quite incredible to me. Mistress assures me there will be more pussy worship tonight, but I doubt I would be allowed to taste her ass two nights in a row – you never know though…

Our next Femdom session should take place on Sunday, which just happens to be the date of our wedding anniversary as well (23 years), and as always I will post a report as soon as I can find a window!

4 thoughts on “Keep on keepin on…

    • Hi Collaredmichael
      Yep, we’ve been married almost half our lives now, which shouldn’t be amazing, but in this day and age it kind of is. Which is a shame. Still, thanks for your kind words and I hope the Femdom session is awesome too!

    • Hi Uxurious Mate
      Thanks, I don’t see why that should be. The last five years has probably been the best five years of our marriage. But then our whole marriage isn’t based on Femdom, maybe the difference is we had a good marriage anyway and Femdom and chastity (in particular) seems to have made it even better.

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