23 Years and still going strong!

Due to unforseen circumstances our Femdom session didn’t happen today, but we still had a nice day together celebrating 23 years of marriage. Session will probably now take place in a couple of weeks time all being well.

It’s twelve weeks until Christmas (did you know that?) and so, being as I don’t want to hit Christmas feeling and looking like a balloon, I am going back on the old Slimming World diet tomorrow. I hope to lose 2lbs a week until Christmas which would make me as low as I’ve been in living memory (well fifteen years anyway) As I recall when I actually went to Slimming World I got to 15St 10lbs, so that’s my minimum target right now. Annoyingly I do have a lot of meals out and things between now and Christmas but never mind, you can’t wait until life is out of the way to diet, that’s what people do in January and that never works either.

2 thoughts on “23 Years and still going strong!

  1. Try a paleo diet. No grains, no legumes, mostly no dairy (a little cheese is ok). Lots of meat, and veggies. Lots of fruit till lunchtime. I’ve lost over 20 pounds since mid June. It works!!

    • Hi CM
      Well done on your weight loss, I’m going to give the SW another go because it has worked for me before and it’s quite simple. But if not maybe I will look into the paleo thing.

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