An orgasm for me!

Apologies once more for the lack of posts of late, this is partly due to not really having anything to say, and also because I am spending some time setting up another (unrelated) blog. Anyone who blogs will tell you it takes longer than you think to set one up and mine is no different.

However, last night gave me something to write about.

Wednesday night was lovely, Mistress had a nice orgasm on my tongue and then she teased me pretty hard. I was certainly left desperate to cum but I was a little disappointed that Mistress hadn’t cum harder. I always feel a little ‘out of practice’ after a few days without worshiping Mistress’s gorgeous and thought I could have done better.

Thankfully last night I felt more sure of myself and Mistress certainly had a very hard orgasm (whether that was down to me or not is open to conjecture of course) so I felt a lot better about it. Mistress got me hard and I thought it was going to be another hard teasing session, but very quickly Mistress told me she wanted me inside her and I moved between her legs and slid my cock inside her warm and very wet pussy.

I do love it when Mistress rides my cock, but it feels different when I am on top, I don’t want to say ‘better’, maybe it’s the novelty of the situation, after all I don’t get to go on top very often any more! I was feeling pretty under control as I kissed Mistress while I gently slid my cock in and out of her, but I think Mistress wanted me to cum inside her sooner rather than later because very quickly she turned onto her side. Mistress knows this makes it harder for me because I can’t resist looking at her gorgeous ass and she knows this turns me on.

In the process of turning over however, Mistress managed to stub her toe on my knee (don’t even ask how) and things could have quickly gone off the boil… as I watched Mistress wincing in pain I could feel my cock wilting. Thankfully Mistress grabbed my cock and fed it back inside her before I completely lost it and I was soon fucking her as fast as I could without losing it.

I started to slow down a little, but Mistress ordered me to go faster and harder and I had to warn her that I couldn’t without cumming. She told me she wanted me to cum inside her and hearing that I picked up the pace and within not very long at all I could feel my cum exploding inside her. I pumped a good 34 days worth of cum into her soaking pussy and then she ordered me to lay down on my back.

Mistress quickly straddled my head and I licked her pussy as (some of) my cum oozed out into my mouth, it was very hot and I would have loved to have carried on licking Mistress much longer than she allowed.

So, inevitably it’s back to day one, but as Harry Haversackers said I don’t really feel like cumming sets me back to ’empty’ anymore. I think after you go a certain amount of time it would take more than one ‘proper’ orgasm to really go back to zero, which is a good thing of course, no one wants to go back to absolute zero after all. Much better to only have to fall back so far.

Right, I have to make chilli, I hope you’re all having a good weekend.

8 thoughts on “An orgasm for me!

  1. My goodness what a fantastic time for you guys. No cumming for over a month and when you do she “rubs it in your face” so to speak! You even avoided ground zero, sounds like Mistress has the hang of things. Enjoy you chili and here’s hoping you can bring her to another high pitched orgasm very soon!

    • Hi sublove
      Thanks for your kind words, and yes another orgasm for Mistress tonight, not for me of course, but I did get to worship her gorgeous ass.

  2. What a coincidence, Rob! I got an intense blowjob from CH last night… Imagine that! The two of us (and several million other men, whose wives are not into orgasm denial, around the world) getting to come on the same night. Amazing!!

    She’d held me off for two weeks… Two weeks is the longest she’s denied me in quite some time, now. For the month or so prior to that, she’d felt it necessary to have me have more frequent orgasms… for “medical” reasons. I had to have a prostate biopsy (result: no cancer), which resulted in blood in my semen for quite a long period of time. She wanted to make sure that it got well flushed out.

    We’re back to regular tease sessions now, with longer and longer stretches between orgasms for me (but not for her, of course).

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