500,000 Page Views!

It’s just over eighteen months since I moved this blog from Blogger to Fetblogger and today we reached 500,000 page views, on average that’s something like 900 pageviews a day, which is pretty amazing considering the amount of gaps there have been in my posts, especially of late.

My continued apologies for the lack of posts, but this last few days has not been much fun, my father was rushed to hospital and is set to remain there for several days with pneumonia among other things…. hopefully he will recover soon.

But anyway, my continued thanks to all my loyal readers, hopefully there will be more exciting times ahead in the coming months.


3 thoughts on “500,000 Page Views!

  1. Sorry to hear about your Dad. I had pneumonia earlier this year and only just escaped being hospitalized. Sending good thoughts to you all .

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