More Ass Worship!

The last few days have been a bit up and down, but tonight was really lovely. Mistress had another orgasm on my tongue and then I worshiped her gorgeous feet for a while. After that I slipped the cock ring on again because I’m still not feeling 100% confident about my cock. I have a lot of numbness in my foot from my operation, which comes and goes, and when it’s like that it tends to affect my cock as well. Oh well, I really do just have to learn to not worry about it, the cock ring did it’s job perfectly and I was very hard very quickly.

Mistress teased me to perfection while I gently touched her asshole and eventually I asked if I could lick her ass again. Mistress said yes and I was very happy to be allowed to worship her gorgeous ass for a short time while Mistress stroked my cock hard. It’s been over thirty days since my last orgasm and I feel pretty good so far… not as desperate as usual given the number of days, but I guess that’s not surprising given the numbness I’m experiencing at the moment. Hopefully it will go as suddenly as it came on.

Feeling a Bit Brighter Today…

Another teasing session tonight, and I wore the cock ring again…but it was great. Mistress made my cock very hard by stroking and verbally teasing me about letting me shoot my load on her gorgeous tits. Well actually there was more to it than that…

Mistress suggested edging me and then giving me a prescribed number of strokes to cum on her tits (and lick them clean of course), but that if I failed then there would be a forfeit. She asked me if that was a game I would like to play, which I obviously said yes to. But in the end Mistress said that maybe I should think about it for a while since she wasn’t going to let me cum today, after all it’s only been 29 days.

I really love when Mistress talks to me when she’s stroking my cock and anything like that really gives me a ‘boost’ so to speak. I had been waiting throughout the session to ask her permission to worship her gorgeous ass, and when Mistress suddenly called a halt to session I decided to ask anyway. Mistress kindly allowed me to lick her sexy little hole, but she didn’t stroke my cock as she usually would, she just kind of held it… which was okay, I love the idea of worshiping Mistress’s ass on demand and without receiving any ‘stimulation’, just for the pleasure of tasting her incredible horny ass.

Tonight has definitely lifted my spirits a bit, and Mistress had a lovely orgasm too. This year’s scores are going to be a disaster, but at least we’re trying. And actually, though Mistress’s total may be way down, my total is even more way down so the ratio of orgasms has probably gone up considerably so that’s one good thing. ūüôā

Looking on the Bright Side…

Last night and tonight Mistress has had a really nice orgasm, but last night my cock was totally not playing ball and was really not very hard at all. Annoyingly, on Saturday afternoon I had a little sleep in the afternoon and woke up with the hardest cock you can imagine. I guess I should take heart from that really, but it’s hard to sometimes.

Tonight I wasn’t taking any chances and slipped the rubber cock ring on. Actually for some reason it was a bloody struggle to get it on, and even when it was it didn’t quite feel right. Maybe it’s because I haven’t worn it for so long. In any case, it did it’s job and I was nice and hard, hard enough for Mistress to ride my cock for a while anyway.

I’m sure this little technical difficulty will pass soon enough, but it’s fucking annoying in the meantime. At least there is a work around, and we finished our little teasing session feeling a lot better than we did last night.

Still haven’t written anything, I can tell you’re shocked… but I have got an idea. I’ve got plenty of ideas of course, but ideas don’t get anywhere unless you do something with them! Maybe tomorrow… but probably not.

Half way through January already!

Good grief, how can we possibly be half way through January already? Ridiculous.

Well the last couple of weeks have been up and down, I’ve had some bad days with my back, and none worse than today – I woke up feeling pretty good and then had a really nasty moment while I was crouching down to play with the cat. Real agonizing pain the likes of which I haven’t felt in years, not good. Luckily I have an appointment with my chiropractor tomorrow morning.

Ah yes, I did say cat. We have a new cat, sort of… well, we’ve been feeding her for months. She lives across the road really, but since we’ve been letting her in she seems to not want to go home and has slept here for about the last ten nights. So I think we really need to go and talk to her owner about things…

She’s ginger, and very affectionate and very playful, which is odd because she’s been around for years, I’ve always found older cats don’t play that much. Her owner has several cats and a dog and I don’t think she goes in the house much because the other cats bully her. So she’s better off here frankly, and it’s lovely to have a cat who sits on you again. Minky, bless her, was never much company.

The dieting is going well, I’ve lost about half a stone in the first two weeks, which is exactly what I expected. You know, I don’t really understand how people can get really, really huge. I find there comes a point (about 250lbs) where I feel like absolute shit, and it acts like a kind of buffer. I mean I get that there are circumstances and other factors which affect people, but personally I always hit this point and I just know that it’s time to stop. I already feel a lot better but I still need to lose a lot of weight. It’s so frustrating knowing I need to lose two stone to get back to where I got to before.

Well I haven’t started any writing yet, and I need to get on with it if I’m going to hit my target of doing four stories this year. Ideally I need to finish one before the end of March…

Time for bed I think, hope all of you are having a good start to the year, and hopefully I might have something a bit more exciting to write about soon.

Pelvic Floor Exercises for a Rock Hard Cock!

Yeah, okay, I know you didn’t sign up to my blog to read about Shifty Nick the Bachelor… and things are starting to look up around here. Mistress is having some lovely orgasms and my nuts are getting slapped harder than ever before (and getting quite achy inbetween times truth be told), also I had some lovely teasing this evening which left me throbbing and desperate…

Now, speaking of throbbing… when I had my back operation a good few years ago now, one of the things they tell you to do is ‘mobility exercises’. Of course, I neglect them, but since Christmas I’ve been doing them every day, and while they don’t seem to be doing much overall, one of the exercises is basically ‘pelvic floor exercises’ and I’ve noticed that since I’ve been doing them my cock is so much harder than before. Gotta be good right?

So literally all I’m doing is laying on my back, taking a breath in and as you breathe out you tighten the muscles around your groin. It’s quite hard to hold it for long when you first do it but it gets easier. Try to hold it for ten seconds to start with and do it three times, and then increase the length of time you hold. My booklet says to work up to holding it for a minute at a time, and don’t hold your breath. I know, that’s hard, but the more your practice the easier it gets and it certainly seems to get results.

Give it a try and let me know what results you get chaps.

Shifty Nick the Bachelor Returns!

Rejoice, for the US version of the Bachelor is back on TV (and thanks to a slightly naughty downloading site we got to see it too here in the UK). We’ve dabbled with the Australian version, but truthfully it was pretty lame, except for Bachelor number two, Blake, who despite coming over as Mr Sensitive Nice Guy (and passable Barrack Obama impersonator) turned out to be a colossal bastard!

Of course there was a UK version too, but it was utter shite. I believe there was a couple of series that were supposed to be serious, but then came Rugby player and professional blouse Gavin Henson, who spectacularly picked the wrong woman in the final, and then after that we had professional¬†knobhead Spencer Matthews (who had a girlfriend all along)… what a waste of everyone’s time. I mean really.

Still, thankfully Chris Harrison and the gang are back, only this time they have a rather controversial Bachelor in (shifty) Nick, a man who’s already appeared on two seasons of the Bachelorette (once where he got rejected in the final and went on to slut-shame the Bachelorette on live TV) and once where he got passed over (again) in the final and disappeared into the night, heartbroken and devastated.

Shifty as Nick was/is, it was hard not to feel sorry for him, after all being dumped once on national TV was bad enough, but this guy got shafted twice (actually he did the shafting, technically, once in the Fantasy Suite and once in a bathroom). But then he went and did a season of Bachelor in Paradise, a show which is immensely silly and immensely entertaining at the same time. And it was all going so well…

While Chad made an absolute arse of himself and ended up getting thrown off the show for calling Sarah a one-armed bitch (no really), the twins whined pathetically, Vinny got taken for a sucker (and then got his own back when Izzy dumped him and then called him to get him back), and Grant played with fire with the questionably stable Lace, Nick acted like a grown up throughout, even in the face of huge provocation from arch rival and massive douche-bag pizza monster Josh.

So grown up and boring was Nick, that he actually barely warranted any screen time, and so he played out his seemingly emotionless liason with Jen, only to dump her in the final episode (apparently having already signed up for his own season of the Bachelor).

So now we come to Shifty Nick’s season, a curious choice, because Nick is so shifty he can barely look a girl in the eye for more than three seconds, and when he’s not gazing distractedly into the distance he’s cocking his head on one side like some sort of bearded Lady Diana Spencer.

Honestly I couldn’t give a flying fig if Nick finds his soulmate, but regardless I will be glued to the Bachelor because some of these thirty women will undoubtedly be crazy (I’m betting on Josephine, who appeared in the first episode dressed as some kind of porn fantasy Nurse), and I can’t wait for the moment when it inevitably comes out that Liz has not only met Shifty Nick before, but shagged him and then blew him off when he asked for her number. Classic. Then there’s Hailey the token fruit-bat Canadian, Christen, who confusingly looks like the last Bachelorette Jojo (but not as good looking) and Corrine, who defied first episode etiquette and snogged Nick during the first cocktail party.

Yes indeedy, this has all the makings of a classic series of The Bachelor, though truthfully it has some way to go to live up to Kaitlyn’s epic season of trials and tribulations (including that moment in the bathroom with Shifty Nick).

The Interwebz is Full of Crazee People I Tells Ya!

So I just checked my email account for this blog ( if you want to write me) and I found a comment that’s been left on my story blog, which is my original blog before I moved here. So here is the comment left on my story ‘Do You Think I’m Evil?’…

Only Jesus can make that decision, dood; Im only here to warn YOU you’re soon to fall into mortal sin which there maybe no escaping from. However, if you dont wanna STOP following the whorizontal till death, thar aint NTHN i can do besides watching you take a dive offa the deep end with no water…

Follow us on the journey home.
I’d like to have you in Seventh-Heaven…
yet, only you can make that decision.
God bless your indelible soul.”

To be honest I don’t even know what I’m supposed to say to that, other than the obvious. So I clicked on his name and found that I’m not the only person who he has God-bombed.

Colleen L left a message on his page saying “Don’t leave comments on people’s blogs you do not know or understand. You sir, are a twat.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Incidentally, if you do click on his page, fair warning, there’s a picture of a beheading. So…

Which leads me onto another topic (oddly)… as you know, I have a tumblr, and as I’m sure you know when you look at tumblr’s ¬†it suggests other pages it thinks you will like. So of course, if you look at anything to do with Femdom or Chastity, inevitably (because there’s so many) you end up getting Cuckold tumblr suggestions. And maybe after a while you might come across some tumblr’s which espouse Black Supremacy, and this whole breed white’s out of existence thing…

It’s racist and distasteful of course, but it’s harmless and I’m pretty sure it’s put up by white guys who are obsessed with black guy’s dicks. But ultimately it’s harmless. However, today I happened upon a tumblr which took the whole thing a tad too far, and frankly beggars belief at the immense stupidity and tastelessness of it.

I don’t know what the tumblr was called, but it was supposedly authored by a white woman who ‘can’t wait for the Muslim brotherhood to overrun Europe and make her wear a headdress, oh and rape her repeatedly and annihilate the white race’.

Okay, I get that tumblr is fantasy and whatnot, and thaere’s a lot of nasty shit on it, but most of it is… err, ‘tastefully nasty’ shall we say. ¬†I also get that some women have rape fantasies and that’s fine, one man’s meat is another man’s poison and all that, but I dunno, it seems a bit too much for me.

It’s one thing to ‘breed the whites out of existence’ (because these women, they just can’t get enough of these black dicks y’know), it’s quite another to praise and welcome the coming of the (frankly) insane, murdering, religious extremists. But then again is it any worse than people who fantasize about Nazis?

Oh well, Trump will probably nuke them before long anyway…

A Different Kind of Ruined Orgasm

Mistress had another very hard orgasm tonight, her first of 2017. Afterwards she set about teasing me and I was soon rock hard (very relieved about that, as I wasn’t entirely confident I would be). After some really lovely teasing Mistress brought me to the edge and after I’d warned her I was close she gave me a few more strokes and then slapped my cock a few times, and then my balls once. It felt amazing and I begged her to slap my balls again.

Mistress slapped my balls and cock several times as my cum leaked out, if anything it intensified the ruination as it felt like the pressure was building and building there was no pleasurable spurting, just a large amount of cum leaked onto my stomach. It really did feel incredible, and I wonder now what it would feel like to have my balls slapped while I was having a real orgasm.

Pretty fucking awesome I should imagine!

Happy New Year!

The last week has been okay, last night we spent a really great night with our friends at their house. It was a very low key night, very chilled, in fact we almost missed the fireworks on TV. It was kind of an anti-party New Year’s Eve, which was exactly what we needed.

I can’t tell you how glad I am to see the back of 2016, and as soon as we got home I took down the tree and the decorations. Not that 2016 was all bad, because it wasn’t. In fact the first nine months were great, but the last three utterly sucked.

I really don’t get on with the Christmas holidays, not least because it’s like a massive slap in the face. Well you got through another year and you’re still overweight. I think that’s what pisses me off so much, my failure to resolve that one part of my life has these repercussions on other parts.

So this year I am determined to sort myself out, and also to rebuild the Femdom side of our relationship which has slipped from slight to non-existent. First thing I need to do is make sure that I kiss Mistress’s feet every day again, let’s be honest this thing is never going to progress¬†any further if we let it slip back to nothing, so I think that’s very important.

On a more positive note, Mistress has had a couple of HUGE orgasms these last few days, the one on the 27th was particularly impressive, and that made me very happy. Hopefully we can build on that and get back to a better level of ‘service’. This year (Apr-Mar) looks set to be our worst (statistically) since we started the blog, which is not good, but hopefully we can build some momentum in the next three months and start the next Chastity year up and running.

I’m going to be a lot more structured this year, I’ve decided I need to organize myself better and make plans and give myself lists to ensure I remember to do things. For example, I am supposed to do these flexibility exercises for my back, but I always forget. You wouldn’t think I would, especially as I have a bad back so often, but it’s not that I can’t be bothered it’s just that I completely forget I’m supposed to do them.

So tomorrow I will be assembling some lists with targets for things like that, household chores and also things like writing stories. Seeing as I only managed to write one story this year (which is pathetic, given how many ideas I came up with) I am going to be conservative and target four¬†in 2017, after all that’s only one every¬†three months. If I can’t manage that then that’s pretty rubbish.

In other news, we now have a part time cat, who lives over the road but has spent the afternoon with us. It’s quite nice to have a part time cat, without any of the responsibility, at least while we decide if we want another one or not.

Well I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year, and I’m looking forward to a positive and productive 2017.