Happy New Year!

The last week has been okay, last night we spent a really great night with our friends at their house. It was a very low key night, very chilled, in fact we almost missed the fireworks on TV. It was kind of an anti-party New Year’s Eve, which was exactly what we needed.

I can’t tell you how glad I am to see the back of 2016, and as soon as we got home I took down the tree and the decorations. Not that 2016 was all bad, because it wasn’t. In fact the first nine months were great, but the last three utterly sucked.

I really don’t get on with the Christmas holidays, not least because it’s like a massive slap in the face. Well you got through another year and you’re still overweight. I think that’s what pisses me off so much, my failure to resolve that one part of my life has these repercussions on other parts.

So this year I am determined to sort myself out, and also to rebuild the Femdom side of our relationship which has slipped from slight to non-existent. First thing I need to do is make sure that I kiss Mistress’s feet every day again, let’s be honest this thing is never going to progress any further if we let it slip back to nothing, so I think that’s very important.

On a more positive note, Mistress has had a couple of HUGE orgasms these last few days, the one on the 27th was particularly impressive, and that made me very happy. Hopefully we can build on that and get back to a better level of ‘service’. This year (Apr-Mar) looks set to be our worst (statistically) since we started the blog, which is not good, but hopefully we can build some momentum in the next three months and start the next Chastity year up and running.

I’m going to be a lot more structured this year, I’ve decided I need to organize myself better and make plans and give myself lists to ensure I remember to do things. For example, I am supposed to do these flexibility exercises for my back, but I always forget. You wouldn’t think I would, especially as I have a bad back so often, but it’s not that I can’t be bothered it’s just that I completely forget I’m supposed to do them.

So tomorrow I will be assembling some lists with targets for things like that, household chores and also things like writing stories. Seeing as I only managed to write one story this year (which is pathetic, given how many ideas I came up with) I am going to be conservative and target four in 2017, after all that’s only one every three months. If I can’t manage that then that’s pretty rubbish.

In other news, we now have a part time cat, who lives over the road but has spent the afternoon with us. It’s quite nice to have a part time cat, without any of the responsibility, at least while we decide if we want another one or not.

Well I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year, and I’m looking forward to a positive and productive 2017.

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