A Different Kind of Ruined Orgasm

Mistress had another very hard orgasm tonight, her first of 2017. Afterwards she set about teasing me and I was soon rock hard (very relieved about that, as I wasn’t entirely confident I would be). After some really lovely teasing Mistress brought me to the edge and after I’d warned her I was close she gave me a few more strokes and then slapped my cock a few times, and then my balls once. It felt amazing and I begged her to slap my balls again.

Mistress slapped my balls and cock several times as my cum leaked out, if anything it intensified the ruination as it felt like the pressure was building and building there was no pleasurable spurting, just a large amount of cum leaked onto my stomach. It really did feel incredible, and I wonder now what it would feel like to have my balls slapped while I was having a real orgasm.

Pretty fucking awesome I should imagine!

6 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Ruined Orgasm

  1. We enjoy CBT quite a bit. One time, my Queen began slapping my balls while she was stroking my cock. Very light slaps. Then, she said, I’m going to keep slapping them harder until you come. She was uncharacteristically chatty about the whole thing, saying things like, “you better come, I’m gonna slap ’em harder and harder”. It was an intense experience. While I don’t have the best stamina in intercourse, I actually do have decent stamina with handjobs. And my “endurance” resulted in a lot of pain for me. She was really past my pain threshold, and I wanted to come just to make it stop. I finally did. I can’t exactly say it was a ruined orgasm, but it wasn’t the best, because psychologically, I just wanted to come to stop the pain.

    But that was a very intense session, and I recommend you try it. I was in super deep sub-space. Firstly, it was a hot idea. Secondly, it was HER idea. Thirdly, the pain (balls) and pleasure (cock) are kind of confusing. Would defiinitely be up for that again!


  2. I need to experience this, Rob… I’ve come so close, so many times, as CH has smacked my balls, but never to the point where I’ve cum, ruined or otherwise. I just can imagine how awesome the mental aspect of this treat is…


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