The Interwebz is Full of Crazee People I Tells Ya!

So I just checked my email account for this blog ( if you want to write me) and I found a comment that’s been left on my story blog, which is my original blog before I moved here. So here is the comment left on my story ‘Do You Think I’m Evil?’…

Only Jesus can make that decision, dood; Im only here to warn YOU you’re soon to fall into mortal sin which there maybe no escaping from. However, if you dont wanna STOP following the whorizontal till death, thar aint NTHN i can do besides watching you take a dive offa the deep end with no water…

Follow us on the journey home.
I’d like to have you in Seventh-Heaven…
yet, only you can make that decision.
God bless your indelible soul.”

To be honest I don’t even know what I’m supposed to say to that, other than the obvious. So I clicked on his name and found that I’m not the only person who he has God-bombed.

Colleen L left a message on his page saying “Don’t leave comments on people’s blogs you do not know or understand. You sir, are a twat.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Incidentally, if you do click on his page, fair warning, there’s a picture of a beheading. So…

Which leads me onto another topic (oddly)… as you know, I have a tumblr, and as I’m sure you know when you look at tumblr’s  it suggests other pages it thinks you will like. So of course, if you look at anything to do with Femdom or Chastity, inevitably (because there’s so many) you end up getting Cuckold tumblr suggestions. And maybe after a while you might come across some tumblr’s which espouse Black Supremacy, and this whole breed white’s out of existence thing…

It’s racist and distasteful of course, but it’s harmless and I’m pretty sure it’s put up by white guys who are obsessed with black guy’s dicks. But ultimately it’s harmless. However, today I happened upon a tumblr which took the whole thing a tad too far, and frankly beggars belief at the immense stupidity and tastelessness of it.

I don’t know what the tumblr was called, but it was supposedly authored by a white woman who ‘can’t wait for the Muslim brotherhood to overrun Europe and make her wear a headdress, oh and rape her repeatedly and annihilate the white race’.

Okay, I get that tumblr is fantasy and whatnot, and thaere’s a lot of nasty shit on it, but most of it is… err, ‘tastefully nasty’ shall we say.  I also get that some women have rape fantasies and that’s fine, one man’s meat is another man’s poison and all that, but I dunno, it seems a bit too much for me.

It’s one thing to ‘breed the whites out of existence’ (because these women, they just can’t get enough of these black dicks y’know), it’s quite another to praise and welcome the coming of the (frankly) insane, murdering, religious extremists. But then again is it any worse than people who fantasize about Nazis?

Oh well, Trump will probably nuke them before long anyway…

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