Looking on the Bright Side…

Last night and tonight Mistress has had a really nice orgasm, but last night my cock was totally not playing ball and was really not very hard at all. Annoyingly, on Saturday afternoon I had a little sleep in the afternoon and woke up with the hardest cock you can imagine. I guess I should take heart from that really, but it’s hard to sometimes.

Tonight I wasn’t taking any chances and slipped the rubber cock ring on. Actually for some reason it was a bloody struggle to get it on, and even when it was it didn’t quite feel right. Maybe it’s because I haven’t worn it for so long. In any case, it did it’s job and I was nice and hard, hard enough for Mistress to ride my cock for a while anyway.

I’m sure this little technical difficulty will pass soon enough, but it’s fucking annoying in the meantime. At least there is a work around, and we finished our little teasing session feeling a lot better than we did last night.

Still haven’t written anything, I can tell you’re shocked… but I have got an idea. I’ve got plenty of ideas of course, but ideas don’t get anywhere unless you do something with them! Maybe tomorrow… but probably not.

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